Innocent until proven guilty Sample Clauses

Innocent until proven guilty. Except in case of conduct which may support discharge, such as serious accidents, consumption or possession or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, dishonesty, falsification of records, sexual harassment, tampering with equipment or devices, or culminating incidents supporting discharge, employees will be allowed to remain on the job without loss of pay until a representative of the respective union local has met with a company representative. employees suspended for six (6) or more days shall be allowed to remain on the job without loss of pay until a representative of the respective local has met with a Company Representative. The Union agrees that it will not unreasonably delay the processing of such cases. If the Union unreasonably delays the processing of such cases beyond seven (7) days from the date of the discipline, the Employer shall have the right to impose the discipline. The parties can extend the seven (7) day provision for a further seven (7) days upon mutual agreement. In the event of a conflict between this Article and Appendix E, the provisions of Appendix E shall be applied. It is understood and agreed that this Article does not waive an employee’s right to the grievance procedure.
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  • Defendant’s Breach of Plea Agreement If the defendant commits any crimes, violates any conditions of release, or violates any term of this plea agreement between the signing of this plea agreement and the date of sentencing, or fails to appear for sentencing, or if the defendant provides information to the Probation Office or the Court that is intentionally misleading, incomplete, or untruthful, or otherwise breaches this plea agreement, the United States will be released from its obligations under this agreement. The defendant, however, will remain bound by the terms of the agreement, and will not be allowed to withdraw his plea of guilty. The defendant also understands and agrees that in the event he violates this plea agreement, all statements made by him to law enforcement agents subsequent to the execution of this plea agreement, any testimony given by him before a grand jury or any tribunal or any leads from such statements or testimony shall be admissible against him in any and all criminal proceedings. The defendant waives any rights that he might assert under the United States Constitution, any statute, Rule 11(f) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 410 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, or any other federal rule that pertains to the admissibility of any statements made by him subsequent to this plea agreement.

  • Defendant’s Guilty Plea The defendant agrees to and hereby does plead guilty to Count One of the indictment charging him with a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, that is, conspiracy. [A copy of the indictment setting forth the charge in Count One is incorporated by reference.] By entering into this plea agreement, the defendant admits that he knowingly committed this and is in fact guilty of this offense.

  • OWNERSHIP AND USE OF ELIGIBLE CONSUMER DATA Competitive Supplier acknowledges that the Town shall have exclusive ownership of all right, title, and interest in and to all Eligible Consumer data (including addresses, telephone numbers or other identifying information) made available to Competitive Supplier as a result of execution of this ESA. Competitive Supplier shall use Eligible Consumer data solely to provide All- Requirements Power Supply to Participating Consumers and to render other services expressly required or permitted under this ESA. Any other use of Eligible Consumer data without the prior written consent of the Town is strictly prohibited. Pursuant to such authorized use, Competitive Supplier may share such Eligible Consumer data with affiliates and third-party vendors as reasonably necessary to accommodate Competitive Supplier’s provision of All-Requirements Power Supply or other performance pursuant to this ESA (including, without limitation, collection of receivables), provided that Competitive Supplier will take reasonable measures to inform any such vendor of the confidential nature of such data and the restrictions set forth in this Article 2.5 and elsewhere in this ESA. Except as expressly provided in this ESA, Competitive Supplier shall not disclose any Eligible Consumer data to any third-party that has not executed a non-disclosure certificate or agreement in a form mutually acceptable to the Parties, and Competitive Supplier shall take Commercially Reasonable measures to protect Eligible Consumer data from access by, or beneficial use for, any third-party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties agree that contract employees and entities with which Competitive Supplier contracts to provide contract employees shall not be deemed third parties for purposes of this Section 2.5. To the extent that the provision of All-Requirements Power Supply or other services under this ESA requires that Competitive Supplier have access to or make use of any Eligible Consumer data, Competitive Supplier shall treat such Eligible Consumer data as confidential information. Competitive Supplier may use Eligible Consumer data to engage in direct marketing only during the term of this ESA and subject to the terms set forth in Article

  • FALSE STATEMENTS; BREACH OF REPRESENTATIONS The Parties acknowledge that this Agreement has been negotiated, and is being executed, in reliance upon the information contained in the Application, and any supplements or amendments thereto, without which the Comptroller would not have approved this Agreement and the District would not have executed this Agreement. By signature to this Agreement, the Applicant:

  • Confidentiality Data Protection The terms and conditions of this Agreement are confidential and may not be disclosed to or discussed with anyone except as permitted. Confidential information may include: any trade/business secret, technical knowledge or know-how, financial information, plans, customer/client lists, your customer information or data, your customers’ accounting or financial information, your customers’ tax information, your customers’ miscellaneous information, supplier information, pricing policies, fee structure, standard operating procedures, protocols, marketing data and/or promotional techniques, product data, purchase information, sales policies, employee lists, policies, computer records, computer access codes, plans and programs, any formula pattern or compilation of information, used during this Agreement, or any of its/ their clients. Confidentiality will exist regardless of whether such information is received by you under a validly executed confidentiality Agreement or not, or which is disclosed (whether in writing, delivery of items/ reports, manuals, verbally, visual representation, inspection of tangible objects, on office or site visits, or by any other means and whether directly or indirectly) whether before or after the date of this Agreement. Confidential Information may include “Proprietary information” as defined from now on. Each party shall honor the confidentiality and data protection of the other party’s “Confidential Information” and shall not disclose such information to any third party without the prior written consent of the confiding party. Neither party shall disclose any of the terms of this Agreement to assigned remote staff or any of other employees or affiliates, except the appointed Account Manager and person signing this Agreement on our behalf. To protect the Confidential Information, both the parties now agree and undertake to keep secret and treat as confidential all Confidential Information described above. Neither party shall use any Confidential Information at any time, either during this Agreement or after the termination of the Agreement, for any purpose other than in the ordinary course of business and furtherance of the confiding party’s interest. We may not be permitted to use your name as our client in any marketing literature, brochures, or for any private reference unless you permit it.

  • Consideration of Criminal History in Hiring and Employment Decisions 10.14.1 Contractor agrees to comply fully with and be bound by all of the provisions of Chapter 12T, “City Contractor/Subcontractor Consideration of Criminal History in Hiring and Employment Decisions,” of the San Francisco Administrative Code (“Chapter 12T”), including the remedies provided, and implementing regulations, as may be amended from time to time. The provisions of Chapter 12T are incorporated by reference and made a part of this Agreement as though fully set forth herein. The text of the Chapter 12T is available on the web at xxxx:// Contractor is required to comply with all of the applicable provisions of 12T, irrespective of the listing of obligations in this Section. Capitalized terms used in this Section and not defined in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in Chapter 12T.

  • Charge to Which Defendant Is Pleading Guilty 5. By this Plea Agreement, defendant agrees to enter a voluntary plea of guilty to the following count of the indictment: Count One, which charges defendant with bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1344.

  • Your Liability for Unauthorized Transfers Immediately following your discovery of an unauthorized Payment Instruction, you shall communicate with customer care for the Service in the manner set forth in Section 6 of the General Terms above. You acknowledge and agree that time is of the essence in such situations. If you tell us within two (2) Business Days after you discover your password or other means to access your account through which you access the Service has been lost or stolen, your liability is no more than $50.00 should someone access your account without your permission. If you do not tell us within two (2) Business Days after you learn of such loss or theft, and we can prove that we could have prevented the unauthorized use of your password or other means to access your account if you had told us, you could be liable for as much as $500.00. If your monthly financial institution statement contains payments that you did not authorize, you must tell us at once. If you do not tell us within sixty (60) days after the statement was sent to you, you may lose any amount transferred without your authorization after the sixty (60) days if we can prove that we could have stopped someone from taking the money had you told us in time. If a good reason (such as a long trip or a hospital stay) prevented you from telling us, we will extend the time periods specified above to a reasonable period.

  • Professional Development; Adverse Consequences of School Exclusion; Student Behavior The Board President or Superintendent, or their designees, will make reasonable efforts to provide ongoing professional development to Board members about the adverse consequences of school exclusion and justice-system involvement, effective classroom management strategies, culturally responsive discipline, appropriate and available supportive services for the promotion of student attendance and engagement, and developmentally appropriate disciplinary methods that promote positive and healthy school climates, i.e., Senate Bill 100 training topics. Board Self-Evaluation The Board will conduct periodic self-evaluations with the goal of continuous improvement. New Board Member Orientation The orientation process for newly elected or appointed Board members includes:

  • Your Liability for Unauthorized Transactions This section applies to unauthorized transactions involving Your username, password or security code and other unauthorized transactions. Notify Us AT ONCE if You believe that Your username, password or security code has been lost, stolen or has been learned by an unauthorized person. You acknowledge and agree that such notification must be initiated by calling (000) 000-0000 (Bask Bank Customer Support) followed by written confirmation. Furthermore, You acknowledge and agree that the written confirmation must be received by Us within ten (10) calendar days from the date of Your oral notification. If You assert that an unauthorized transfer may have occurred, or You believe Your username, password, or other security code has become known to an unauthorized person, We may require You to sign a sworn statement/affidavit to that effect. If You have selected optional Mobile Banking Services, You understand that You are solely responsible for notifying Us immediately in the event that Your Mobile Device associated with the telephone number provided to Us to register for Mobile Banking Services is lost, stolen, changed or destroyed. You understand that with regard to SMS text messages, failure to promptly notify Us may result in Your failure to receive important SMS text messages and/or the interception of such SMS text messages by unauthorized third parties. You may also incur SMS text messaging fees for such SMS text messages even if You do not receive them. You understand that We are not responsible for any costs, expenses, liabilities or damages that You incur as a result of Your failure to receive an SMS text message, the interception of any SMS text message by an unauthorized or other third party, or Your incurrence of SMS text messaging fees for SMS text messages You did not receive. YOU UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT IN ADDITION TO ANY DISCLAIMERS OR LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY AS OTHERWISE STATED IN THESE TERMS, IN OTHER AGREEMENTS BETWEEN THE PARTIES, OR PROVIDED BY LAW, WE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSSES OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM: (i) NON-DELIVERY, DELAYED DELIVERY OR WRONG DELIVERY OF ANY E-MAIL COMMUNICATION THAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY ACCESS VIA THE WEB BROWSER ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE OR OF ANY SMS TEXT MESSAGE NORMALLY SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR MOBILE DEVICE; (ii) INACCURATE CONTENT IN ANY E-MAIL COMMUNICATION THAT YOU ACCESS VIA THE WEB BROWSER ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE OR IN ANY SMS TEXT MESSAGE SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR MOBILE DEVICE; (iii) ANY ACTIONS RESULTING FROM THE INTENTIONAL OR UNINTENTIONAL DISCLOSURE BY YOU TO ANY UNAUTHORIZED PERSON OF THE CONTENTS OF ANY E-MAIL COMMUNICATION YOU ACCESS VIA THE WEB BROWSER ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE OR ANY SMS TEXT MESSAGE SENT DIRECTLY TO YOUR MOBILE DEVICE; OR YOUR USE OR RELIANCE ON THE CONTENTS OF ANY SUCH E-MAIL OR SMS TEXT MESSAGE FOR ANY PURPOSE. For any transactions processed through the VISA or MasterCard system, Your liability limits will differ from those set forth in this section. For certain transactions processed through the Visa or MasterCard system, You may have no liability if You report the unauthorized transactions to Us, in accordance with each network’s respective “zero liability” policies for unauthorized transactions. We may, however, impose greater liability, up to the extent allowed by law, if We reasonably determine that You were either grossly negligent (e.g., delay for an unreasonable time in reporting unauthorized transactions) or fraudulent in handling Your Services transactions processed through the VISA or MasterCard system. The risk to You in failing to notify Us is the potential loss of all funds in Your Account. If You notify Us within two (2) Business Days after You learn of the loss, theft or compromise thereof by an unauthorized person, Your liability is up to $50 for an unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer or series of related unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfers should someone use Your username, password or security code without Your permission. If You DO NOT notify Us within two (2) Business Days after You learn of the loss, theft or compromise thereof by an unauthorized person of Your username, password or security code and We can prove that We could have stopped someone from using Your username, password or security code had You informed Us of the loss, theft or compromise thereof, Your liability could be as much as $500. Failure to notify Us of any unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer should someone use Your username, password or security code within sixty (60) calendar days of when the first periodic statement which reflected such unauthorized activity was mailed or otherwise made available to You could result in additional losses by You of 100 percent. We may extend the sixty (60) calendar day timeframe when certain events prevent You from notifying Us promptly, such as extended travel or hospital stay. Upon verification, We will extend the timeframe set forth herein to a timeframe deemed reasonable under such circumstances in accordance to Regulation E. In addition, unless prohibited by law, You agree to reimburse Us for any liability, loss, cost and expense We may incur in connection with Your Account except to the extent they are caused solely by Our intentional misconduct. Children Using the Services The safety and privacy protection of children is very important to Us. Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before sending personal information to anyone online. You understand that for a child under the age of 13, only the child’s parent or legal guardian has authority to access the Services, even if the account has been established on behalf of that child. If You permit a child under the age of 13 to use the Services, or give the child Your username or password, You understand that You are responsible for all activity the child initiates from or to any of Your accounts, even if he or she exceeds Your authorization. You understand that You can contact Us at the information listed in the “Our Customer Support Information” section of these Terms with any questions or concerns. Our Use of Third-party Service Providers Our ability to provide certain Services and Mobile Banking Services depends on our ability to provide access to third-party networks. You authorize Us to utilize third- party service providers selected by Us to provide Services to You on Our behalf. For details regarding Our safeguarding of Your personal information, please refer to the Online Privacy Policy. In the event that We determine, in Our sole discretion, that We are unable to provide third-party network access, We may discontinue the related Service(s) or may provide the Service(s) through alternate third-party networks. You understand that We shall have no liability for the unavailability of access during any transition period, and shall give You written notice of any Service involving transfers to or from Your deposit account(s) being discontinued at least twenty- one(21) days in advance of such termination, unless such prior notice is otherwise excused by law.

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