Indirect Interests Sample Clauses

Indirect Interests. For the purpose of determining the amount of an equity interest indirectly owned or held by a Covered Individual in an entity: • A Covered Individual’s indirect equity interest by value (i.e., economic interest that may or may not include voting rights) shall be calculated on a proportional basis, taking into account any partial ownership of the relevant entity’s parents. • For example, if a Government Official owns 25 percent of the economic interest in Company A, and Company A owns 40 percent of the outstanding amount of a class of voting securities of Company B, the Government Official is deemed to own 10 percent of the class of voting securities of Company B. For the purpose of determining the amount of an equity interest indirectly controlled by a Covered Individual in an entity: • A Covered Individual shall be deemed to indirectly control an equity interest in an entity if he or she controls, directly or indirectly, the entity that owns or holds the equity interest. • An individual or entity shall be deemed to control another entity only when the individual or entity owns or holds a majority of the voting interest in such entity, or is, or holds a majority of the voting interest in, the general partner of such entity. • For example, if a Government Official owns a 51 percent voting interest in Company A, which owns a 51 percent voting interest in Company B, which owns 20 percent of the equity interests of Company C, the Government Official shall be deemed to control 20 percent of the equity interests of Company C.
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Indirect Interests. No Seller or Seller Affiliate owns, or since January 1, 2011 has owned, of record or as a beneficial owner, an Equity Interest of or any other financial or profit interest in, a Person that (i) since that date has had business dealings with or a material financial interest in any transaction with any Acquired Company, other than business dealings or transactions conducted in the Ordinary Course of Business with any Acquired Company at substantially prevailing market prices and on substantially prevailing market terms, or (ii) at any time since that date has been a Competitive Enterprise (as defined in Section 6.1), other than (A) ownership that would be permitted after the Closing under the conditions in Section 6.1(b) and (B) as identified in Section 3.31(b) of the Company Disclosure Schedule..

Related to Indirect Interests

  • No Ownership Interest Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to vest in Parent or Merger Sub any direct or indirect ownership or incidence of ownership of or with respect to any Shares. All rights, ownership and economic benefits of and relating to the Shares shall remain vested in and belong to Stockholder, and Parent and Merger Sub shall have no authority to manage, direct, superintend, restrict, regulate, govern, or administer any of the policies or operations of the Company or exercise any power or authority to direct Stockholder in the voting of any of the Shares, except as otherwise provided herein.

  • Legitimate Business Interests The Executive recognizes that the Company has legitimate business interests to protect and as a consequence, the Executive agrees to the restrictions contained in this Agreement because they further the Company’s legitimate business interests. These legitimate business interests include, but are not limited to (i) trade secrets; (ii) valuable confidential business, technical, and/or professional information that otherwise may not qualify as trade secrets, including, but not limited to, all Confidential Information; (iii) substantial, significant, or key relationships with specific prospective or existing Customers, vendors or suppliers; (iv) Customer goodwill associated with the Company’s business; and (v) specialized training relating to the Company’s technology, Services, methods, operations and procedures. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Section 9(b) shall be construed to impose restrictions greater than those imposed by other provisions of this Agreement.

  • Ownership Interests The Borrower owns no interest in any Person other than the Persons listed in Schedule 8.4 hereto and additional Subsidiaries created or acquired after the Closing Date in compliance with Section 9.21 hereof.

  • Interests 3.1 Except as otherwise provided herein, the parties shall bear all Costs and all liabilities arising under this Agreement and shall own the Property, the Assets and any Mine all in proportion to their respective Interests.

  • Ownership Interest 39 Pass-Through Rate............................................................39

  • Other Business Interests The Trustees shall devote to the affairs of the Trust (including every Series thereof) such time as may be necessary for the proper performance of their duties hereunder, but neither the Trustees nor the officers, directors, shareholders, partners or employees of the Trustees, if any, shall be expected to devote their full time to the performance of such duties. The Trustees, or any Affiliate, shareholder, officer, director, partner or employee thereof, or any Person owning a legal or beneficial interest therein, may engage in, or possess an interest in, any business or venture other than the Trust or any Series thereof, of any nature and description, independently or with or for the account of others. None of the Trust, any Series thereof or any Shareholder shall have the right to participate or share in such other business or venture or any profit or compensation derived therefrom.

  • Varying Interests All items of income, gain, loss, deduction or credit shall be allocated, and all distributions shall be made, to the Persons shown on the records of the Company to have been Members as of the last calendar day of the period for which the allocation or distribution is to be made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if during any taxable year there is a change in any Member's Sharing Ratio, the Members agree that their allocable shares of such items for the taxable year shall be determined on any method determined by the Management Committee to be permissible under Code Section 706 and the related Treasury Regulations to take account of the Members' varying Sharing Ratios.

  • Conflicting Interests If the Trustee has or shall acquire a conflicting interest within the meaning of the Trust Indenture Act, the Trustee shall either eliminate such interest or resign, to the extent and in the manner provided by, and subject to the provisions of, the Trust Indenture Act and this Indenture. To the extent permitted by such Act, the Trustee shall not be deemed to have a conflicting interest by virtue of being a trustee under this Indenture with respect to Securities of more than one series.

  • Proprietary Interests All information owned, possessed or used by Owner which is communicated to, learned, developed or otherwise acquired by Architect/Engineer in the performance of services for Owner, which is not generally known to the public, shall be confidential, subject, however, to the Owner’s obligations under the Texas Public Information Act. Architect/Engineer shall not, beginning on the date of first association or communication between Owner and Architect/Engineer and continuing through the term of this Agreement and any time thereafter, disclose, communicate or divulge, or permit disclosure, communication or divulgence, to another or use for Architect/Engineer’s own benefit or the benefit of another, any such confidential information, unless required by law. Except when defined as part of the Work, Architect/Engineer shall not make any press releases, public statements, or advertisement referring to the Project or the engagement of Architect/Engineer as an independent contractor of Owner in connection with the Project, or release any information relative to the Project for publication, advertisement or any other purpose without the prior written approval of Owner. Architect/Engineer shall obtain agreements similar to those contained in this Paragraph from persons, vendors and consultants retained by Architect/Engineer. Architect/Engineer acknowledges and agrees that a breach by Architect/Engineer of the provisions hereof will cause Owner irreparable injury and damage. Architect/Engineer, therefore, expressly agrees that Owner shall be entitled to injunctive and/or other equitable relief in any court of competent jurisdiction to prevent or otherwise restrain a breach of this agreement. This section shall not apply to information in whatever form that comes into the public domain, nor shall it restrict the Architect/Engineer from giving notices required by law or complying with an order to provide information or data when such order is issued by a court, administrative agency or other authority with proper jurisdiction, or if it is reasonably necessary for the Architect/Engineer to defend itself from any suit or claim.

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