Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy Sample Clauses

Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy. In the case of each DB Loan, Corp. shall have issued a financial guaranty insurance policy in the form of Exhibit F attached hereto (as appropriately completed, a “Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy”), in support of the principal of and interest on such DB Loan, and such Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy shall be in full force and effect. In addition, in the case of a DB Loan which is an Alternate Currency Loan, Corp. shall be permitted to Guarantee such DB Loan under the respective Alternate Currency under applicable law.
Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy. (a) The Trustee shall cause to be established and maintained the Policy Account, into which amounts received by the Trustee pursuant to the Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy shall be deposited for the benefit of the Insured Certificates. Amounts on deposit in the Policy Account shall not be invested and shall not be held in an interest-bearing account. The Policy Account shall be opened by the Trustee upon receipt of the first payment on the Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy.
Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy. The term
Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy. At the Closing, the Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy shall have been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the Insurer to the Indenture Trustee and shall be in full force and effect and such Purchaser shall have received an opinion of counsel for the Insurer, dated the Closing, covering such matters as such Purchaser or such Purchaser's counsel may reasonably require. The Company will pay the premium with respect to, and any other fees and expenses in connection with, the Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy.
Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy. OBLIGOR: AmeriCredit Automobile Receivables Trust 2005-C-F Policy No.: 51669-N OBLIGATIONS: $1,100,000,000 Asset Backed Notes, Series 2005-C-F, As described in Endorsement No. 1 hereto Date of Issuance: August 30, 2005 FINANCIAL SECURITY ASSURANCE INC. (“Financial Security”), for consideration received, hereby UNCONDITIONALLY AND IRREVOCABLY GUARANTEES to each Holder, subject only to the terms of this Policy (which includes each endorsement hereto), the full and complete payment by the Obligor of Scheduled Payments of principal of, and interest on, the Obligations. For the further protection of each Holder, Financial Security irrevocably and unconditionally guarantees:

Related to Financial Guaranty Insurance Policy

  • R&W Insurance Policy The Buyer and its Affiliates shall cause the R&W Insurance Policy to be bound effective as of the date hereof. The Buyer shall timely pay all premiums and other amounts required to cause the R&W Insurance Policy to become effective in accordance with its terms. The Buyer will not, and will cause their Affiliates not to, amend, waive or otherwise modify the R&W Insurance Policy in any manner that is adverse to the Sellers without the prior written consent of the Seller Representative. The R&W Insurance Policy shall provide that the R&W Insurer shall have no subrogation right, entitlement of privilege, or any recourse whatsoever, against the Sellers or their Affiliates pursuant to this Agreement, the R&W Insurance Policy, the negotiation, execution or performance of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, or otherwise, except against a Seller in the case of a matter arising directly from such Seller’s Fraud.

  • Other Insurance Policies No action, inaction or event has occurred and no state of facts exists or has existed that has resulted or will result in the exclusion from, denial of, or defense to coverage under any applicable special hazard insurance policy, PMI Policy or bankruptcy bond, irrespective of the cause of such failure of coverage. In connection with the placement of any such insurance, no commission, fee, or other compensation has been or will be received by Seller or by any officer, director, or employee of Seller or any designee of Seller or any corporation in which Seller or any officer, director, or employee had a financial interest at the time of placement of such insurance.

  • Insurance Policy The Employer agrees to remit to the Union an amount to be applied toward the payment of a premium by the Union for an insurance policy which provides a defense attorney to represent all members of the bargaining unit when they are charged with a criminal act that results from events occurring while the bargaining unit member was acting in an official capacity. The maximum amount payable during the term of the Agreement shall be seven dollars ($7.00) per member per month.

  • Insurance Policies Insurance required herein shall be by companies duly licensed or admitted to transact business in the state where the Premises are located, and maintaining during the policy term a "General Policyholders Rating" of at least B+, V, as set forth in the most current issue of "Best's Insurance Guide", or such other rating as may be required by a Lender. Lessee shall not do or permit to be done anything which invalidates the required insurance policies. Lessee shall, prior to the Start Date, deliver to Lessor certified copies of policies of such insurance or certificates evidencing the existence and amounts of the required insurance. No such policy shall be cancelable or subject to modification except after thirty (30) days prior written notice to Lessor. Lessee shall, at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of such policies, furnish Lessor with evidence of renewals or "insurance binders" evidencing renewal thereof, or Lessor may order such insurance and charge the cost thereof to Lessee, which amount shall be payable by Lessee to Lessor upon demand. Such policies shall be for a term of at least one year, or the length of the remaining term of this Lease, whichever is less. If either Party shall fail to procure and maintain the insurance required to be carried by it, the other Party may, but shall not be required to, procure and maintain the same.

  • Indemnity Insurance a. The Service Provider agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City, its officers, agents and employees against and from any and all actions, suits, claims, demands or liability of any character whatsoever brought or asserted for injuries to or death of any person or persons, or damages to property arising out of, result from or occurring in connection with the performance of any service hereunder.

  • Life Insurance Policy In addition to the insurance coverage contemplated by Section 4(e), during the Employment Term the Company shall maintain in effect term life insurance coverage for the Executive with a death benefit of at least Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000), subject to the Executive's insurability at standard rates and with the beneficiary or beneficiaries, thereof designated by the Executive. Notwithstanding Section 9 of this Agreement, such life insurance policy or policies may be assigned to a trust for the benefit of any beneficiary designated by the Executive.

  • Schedule of Underlying Insurance Policies If Umbrella or Excess policy is evidenced to comply with minimum limits, a copy of the Underlying Schedule from the Umbrella or Excess insurance policy may be required.

  • Property Insurance Lessor shall obtain and keep in force during the term of this Lease a policy or policies of insurance covering loss or damage to the Premises, but not Lessee's fixtures, equipment or tenant improvements in an amount not to exceed the full replacement value thereof, as the same may exist from time to time, providing protection against all perils included within the classification of fire, extended coverage, vandalism, malicious mischief, flood (in the event same is required by a lender having a lien on the Premises) special extended perils ("all risk", as such term is used in the insurance industry) but not plate glass insurance. In addition, the Lessor shall obtain and keep in force, during the term of this Lease, a policy of rental value insurance covering a period of one year, with loss payable to Lessor, which insurance shall also cover all real estate taxes and insurance costs for said period.

  • Aircraft Liability Insurance (i) Except as provided in clause (ii) of this subsection (a), and subject to the rights of Company to establish and maintain self-insurance in the manner and to the extent specified in Section 7.06(c), Company will carry, or cause to be carried, at no expense to Loan Trustee, aircraft liability insurance (including, but not limited to, bodily injury, personal injury and property damage liability, exclusive of manufacturer's product liability insurance) and contractual liability insurance with respect to the Aircraft (A) in amounts that are not less than the aircraft liability insurance applicable to similar aircraft and engines in Company's fleet on which Company carries insurance; provided that such liability insurance shall not be less than the amount certified in the insurance report delivered to Loan Trustee on the Closing Date, (B) of the type covering the same risks as from time to time applicable to aircraft operated by Company (or, if a Lease is then in effect, by the Permitted Lessee) of the same type as the Aircraft, and (C) that is maintained in effect with insurers of recognized responsibility. Any policies of insurance carried in accordance with this Section 7.06(a) and any policies taken out in substitution or replacement for any of such policies shall: (A) name Loan Trustee, Subordination Agent, each Pass Through Trustee, Policy Provider and Liquidity Provider as their Interests (as defined below in this Section 7.06) may appear, as additional insured (the "Additional Insureds"), (B) subject to the condition of clause (C) below, provide that, in respect of the interest of the Additional Insureds in such policies, the insurance shall not be invalidated by any action or inaction of Company and shall insure the Additional Insureds' Interests as they appear, regardless of any breach or violation of any warranty, declaration or condition contained in such policies by Company, (C) provide that, if such insurance is canceled for any reason whatever, or if any change is made in the policy that materially reduces the amount of insurance or the coverage certified in the insurance report delivered on the Closing Date to Loan Trustee, Policy Provider and Liquidity Provider, or if such insurance is allowed to lapse for nonpayment of premium, such cancellation, change or lapse shall not be effective as to any Additional Insured for 30 days (seven days, or such other period as is then generally available in the industry, in the case of any war risk or allied perils coverage) after receipt by such Additional Insured of written notice from such insurers of such cancellation, change or lapse, (D) provide that the Additional Insureds shall have no obligation or liability for premiums, commissions, assessments or calls in connection with such insurance, (E) provide that the insurers shall waive any rights of (1) set-off, counterclaim or any other deduction, whether by attachment or otherwise, in respect of any liability of the Additional Insureds to the extent of any moneys due to the Additional Insureds and (2) subrogation against the Additional Insureds to the extent that Company has waived its rights by its agreements to indemnify the Additional Insureds pursuant to the Operative Documents, (F) be primary without right of contribution from any other insurance carried by any Additional Insured with respect to its Interests as such in the Aircraft and (G) expressly provide that all of the provisions thereof, except the limits of liability, shall operate in the same manner as if there were a separate policy covering each insured. "Interests" as used in this Section 7.06(a) and in Section 7.06(b) with respect to any Person means the interests of such Person in the transactions contemplated by the Operative Documents. In the case of a lease or contract with any government in respect of the Aircraft or any Engine, or in the case of any requisition for use of the Aircraft or any Engine by any government, a valid agreement by such government to indemnify Company, or an insurance policy issued by such government, against any of the risks that Company is required to insure against hereunder shall be considered adequate insurance for purposes of this Section 7.06(a) to the extent of the risks (and in the amounts) that are the subject of such indemnification or insurance.

  • Title Insurance Policy In all cases, the Seller undertakes to remove any encumbrance that will materially interfere with the procurement of a title insurance policy or financing necessary for the purchase of the Property, whether the same is included in the above enumeration or not. Further, the Seller undertakes to, in good faith, cooperate with and assist the Buyer fully in obtaining a title insurance policy. The Seller shall be obligated to take all legal and reasonably necessary action in order to procure such title insurance policy but shall not incur any additional liability in relation thereto. If the title to the Property is not in a condition that is compliant with the above, if the Seller fails or refuses to comply with the Seller’s obligations under this section, or if the Parties are unable to obtain a title insurance policy, the Buyer may, in the Buyer’s sole discretion, accept the title as it is and proceed with the purchase under this Agreement, or terminate this Agreement and recover the Xxxxxxx Money, costs incurred in relation to this Agreement and .