Exhibitor Sample Clauses

Exhibitor. Exhibits will be limited to materials, products, or services of specific interest to registrants of the Exhibition. The Manager reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any material, product or services for display or advertisement. The Manager may limit the number of principals that can be represented by the Exhibitor in a single Booth. The decision of the Manager with regard to whether any use or proposed use of the Booth/s is permitted under this Agreement shall be final.
Exhibitor. The natural person or legal entity that concludes a participation agreement with Jaarbeurs.
Exhibitor. The Exhibitor and its employees and agents, as described in the Space Booking Form, are hereinafter referred to as “the Exhibitor”.
Exhibitor s conduct (and conduct of Relevant Persons) at the Event At all relevant times the Exhibitor must (and must also ensure that each Relevant Person complies with the following):
Exhibitor. The Vectren Dayton Air Show (VDAS) will provide Exhibitor with space in the Exhibitor area for the purpose of promoting/advertising the products or services of the Exhibitor. This space shall consist of a booth sized and furnished as circled above.
Exhibitor. Passes You will receive the five (5) show exhibitor passes as part of your exhibitor package for each booth purchased (i.e., two booths will yield 10 exhibitor passes); with a maximum of 10 passes per exhibitor. These passes will be at the Exhibitor Check-in and must be signed out by the person or company/organization listed on the individual pass. Exhibitor passes will not be mailed to you. If additional passes are required, you may purchase them as part of the registration process – passes are available at a rate of $3.00 each below. Requests must be received, with payment, by January 26, 2018,. Otherwise, additional passes may be purchased at the Expo Gate for $7 each during the show.
Exhibitor. The word "Exhibitor" means the exhibiting company, its officers, agents, employees and any other representative authorized to act for it in connection with its participation in the exhibition.
Exhibitor. Further, Exhibitor agrees to protect, save, and hold harmless WCK and Laico Regency from any damages or charges imposed for violation of any law or ordinance whether occasioned by the negligence, inadvertence, or intentional actions of Exhibitor, its agents or employees, or those holding under the Exhibitor.
Exhibitor. 5.1 Co-exhibitor The virtual or physical booth of the Exhibitor shall only be occupied by the Exhibitor as per the conditions of the contract. The Exhibitor shall not sublet or transfer the booth to a third party.
Exhibitor. 1.1. Please complete the following details Company/Organization Name: Address: City: Country: Postal/Zip Code: Website: VAT Nº: Telephone: Fax: