EXECUTION OF EXHIBITS. In connection with the lease of the equipment referenced in this Master Equipment Lease Agreement, both Lessor and Lessee have executed completed forms of Exhibit B. The parties agree that, if and when additional equipment is leased from Lessor by Lessee, additional forms of Exhibit B shall be executed by the parties. In addition, in the event of any leases of additional equipment from Lessor by Lessee, the parties shall add references to such equipment to Exhibit A.
EXECUTION OF EXHIBITS. Executive agrees as part of this Employment Agreement to be bound by the following agreements: Exhibit ARestricted Stock Agreement Exhibit B—Restricted Stock Agreement Exhibit C—Executive Management Incentive Compensation Plan Each of the above agreements or documents is incorporated herein by this reference. Executive acknowledges that he has read each such agreement or document. Executive agrees to be bound at this time by the terms of Exhibits A through C, inclusive. THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT HAVE READ THE FOREGOING AGREEMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND EACH AND EVERY PROVISION CONTAINED HEREIN. WHEREFORE, THE PARTIES HAVE EXECUTED THIS AGREEMENT ON THE DATES SHOWN BELOW. STUART MARVIN Dated: Dated: By: JAMES A. KONRATH, CEO ACCREDITED HOME LENDERS, INC. Exhibit A ACCREDITED HOME LENDERS HOLDING CO. RESTRICTED STOCK AGREEMENT Accredited Home Lenders Holding Co. (the “Company”) has granted to Stuart D. Marvin (the “Participant”) an Award consisting of Shares subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Restricted Stock Agreement (the “Agreement”). The Award has been granted pursuant to an offer of employment between the Company and the Participant. By signing this Agreement, the Participant: (a) represents that the Participant has read and is familiar with the terms and conditions of the Award and this Agreement, (b) accepts the Award subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, (c) agrees to accept as binding, conclusive and final all decisions or interpretations of the Board upon any questions arising under this Agreement, and (d) acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Agreement.
EXECUTION OF EXHIBITS. Attached to the Loan Agreement are certain exhibits. The parties hereto have agreed to execute and deliver or accept certain agreements in the form of such exhibits. The parties have executed and delivered or accepted the execution and delivery of definitive documentation respecting Exhibits A through F, I, K, M and O in a form other than as attached to the Loan Agreement. The parties agree that any reference in the Loan Agreement or the other Loan Documents to any of such agreement or certificate shall mean and be a reference to the definitive document as executed or accepted.


INTEGRATION OF EXHIBITS All Exhibits attached to this Agreement are integral parts of this Agreement as if fully set forth herein, and all statements appearing therein shall be deemed disclosed for all purposes and not only in connection with the specific representation in which they are explicitly referenced.
Incorporation of Exhibits The Parent Disclosure Schedule, the Company Disclosure Schedule and all Exhibits attached hereto and referred to herein are hereby incorporated herein and made a part of this Agreement for all purposes as if fully set forth herein.
Incorporation of Exhibits and Schedules The Exhibits and Schedules identified in this Agreement are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof.
Incorporation of Exhibits, Annexes, and Schedules The Exhibits, Annexes, and Schedules identified in this Agreement are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof.
Incorporation of Schedules and Exhibits The schedules, attachments and exhibits referenced in and attached to this Agreement shall be deemed an integral part hereof to the same extent as if written in whole herein. In the event that any inconsistency or conflict exists between the provisions of this Agreement and any schedules, attachments or exhibits attached hereto, the provisions of this Agreement shall supersede the provisions of any such schedules, attachments or exhibits.
INDEX OF EXHIBITS Exhibit A-1 Form of Company Voting Agreement Exhibit A-2 Form of Parent Voting Agreement Exhibit B Form of Stock Option Agreement Exhibit C Form of Affiliate Agreement AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER AND REORGANIZATION This AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER AND REORGANIZATION is made and entered into as of April 5, 2000, among Peregrine Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("PARENT"), Soda Acquisition Corporation, a Delaware corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parent ("MERGER SUB"), and Harbinger Corporation, a Georgia corporation ("COMPANY").
LIST OF EXHIBITS AND SCHEDULES Exhibit A Revolver Note Exhibit B Assignment and Acceptance Exhibit C Assignment Notice Schedule P-1 Investments Schedule 1.1 Commitments of Lenders Schedule 7.3.1 Real Estate Collateral Schedule 8.5 Deposit Accounts Schedule 8.6.1 Business Locations Schedule 9.1.4 Names and Capital Structure Schedule 9.1.11 Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Licenses Schedule 9.1.14 Environmental Matters Schedule 9.1.15 Restrictive Agreements Schedule 9.1.16 Litigation Schedule 9.1.18 Pension Plans Schedule 9.1.20 Labor Contracts Schedule 10.2.2 Existing Liens Schedule 10.2.17 Existing Affiliate Transactions LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT THIS LOAN AND SECURITY AGREEMENT is dated as of October 27, 2009, among HEADWATERS CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, INC., a Utah corporation (“HCM”), TAPCO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, a Michigan corporation (“Tapco”), HEADWATERS RESOURCES, INC., a Utah corporation (“HRI”, and together with HCM, Tapco, and each of HRI’s, HCM’s and Tapco’s Subsidiaries identified on the signature pages hereof, each individually a “Borrower”, and collectively, the “Borrowers”), the financial institutions party to this Agreement from time to time as lenders (collectively, “Lenders”), and BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., a national banking association, as administrative agent for the Lenders (in such capacity, “Agent”) and as sole lead arranger.
ENUMERATION OF EXHIBITS The following Exhibits attached hereto are a part of this Lease, are incorporated herein by reference, and are to be treated as a part of this Lease for all purposes. Undertakings contained in such Exhibits are agreements on the part of Landlord and Tenant, as the case may be, to perform the obligations stated therein to be performed by Landlord and Tenant, as and where stipulated therein. Exhibit A — Legal Description of the Project Exhibit C — Landlord’s Services Exhibit D — Floor Plans of Fifth Floor Area and Lab Support Area Exhibit D-1 — Floor Plan of Terrace Area Exhibit D-2 — Floor Plan of RFO Premises Exhibit E — Form of Declaration Affixing the Commencement Date of Lease Exhibit F — Landlord’s Work Exhibit G — Forms of Lien Waivers Exhibit H — Broker Determination of Prevailing Market Rent Exhibit I — List of Mortgages Exhibit J — Form of Letter of Credit Exhibit K — Form of Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement Exhibit L — I Cubed Required Information Exhibit M — List of Tenant’s Hazardous Materials Exhibit N — Schedule of Certain System Repair and Maintenance Responsibilities
LIST OF EXHIBITS List below all exhibits filed as a part of this statement of eligibility and qualification.
LIST OF SCHEDULES AND EXHIBITS SCHEDULES SCHEDULE 1.1(A) - PRICING GRID SCHEDULE 1.1(B) - COMMITMENTS OF LENDERS AND ADDRESSES FOR NOTICES SCHEDULE 1.1(C) - QUALIFIED ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SCHEDULE 1.1(D) - QUALIFIED INVENTORY SCHEDULE 1.1(P) - PERMITTED LIENS SCHEDULE 5.1.1 - QUALIFICATIONS TO DO BUSINESS SCHEDULE 5.1.2 - EXISTING SUBSIDIARIES SCHEDULE 5.1.5 - LITIGATION SCHEDULE 5.1.10 - PATENTS, TRADEMARKS, COPYRIGHTS, LICENSES, ETC. SCHEDULE 5.1.14 - ENVIRONMENTAL DISCLOSURES SCHEDULE 6.1.1 - OPINION OF COUNSEL SCHEDULE 7.1.3 - INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO COLLATERAL SCHEDULE 7.2.1 - PERMITTED INDEBTEDNESS SCHEDULE 7.1.11 - POST-CLOSING LANDLORD’S WAIVERS EXHIBITS EXHIBIT 1.1(A) - ASSIGNMENT AND ASSUMPTION AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(G)(1) - GUARANTOR JOINDER EXHIBIT 1.1(G)(2) - GUARANTY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(I)(1) - INDEMNITY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(I)(2) - INTERCOMPANY SUBORDINATION AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(L) - LOCKBOX AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(N)(1) - REVOLVING CREDIT NOTE EXHIBIT 1.1(N)(2) - SWING LOAN NOTE EXHIBIT 1.1(P)(2) - PLEDGE AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 1.1(S) - SECURITY AGREEMENT EXHIBIT 2.4 - LENDER JOINDER EXHIBIT 2.5 - LOAN REQUEST EXHIBIT 2.5.2 - SWING LOAN REQUEST EXHIBIT 6.1.1(i) - BORROWING BASE CERTIFICATE EXHIBIT 6.1.1(xiii) - LANDLORD’S WAIVER EXHIBIT 7.3.4 - QUARTERLY COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE CREDIT AGREEMENT THIS CREDIT AGREEMENT (as hereafter amended, the “Agreement”) is dated as of January 28, 2009 and is made by and among UNDER ARMOUR, INC., a Maryland corporation (the “Borrower”), each of the GUARANTORS (as hereinafter defined), the LENDERS (as hereinafter defined), and PNC BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, in its capacity as administrative agent for the Lenders under this Agreement (hereinafter referred to in such capacity as the “Administrative Agent”), SUNTRUST BANK, as Syndication Agent, and COMPASS BANK, as Documentation Agent. The Borrower has requested the Lenders to provide a revolving credit facility to the Borrower in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $180,000,000. In consideration of their mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter set forth and intending to be legally bound hereby, the parties hereto covenant and agree as follows: