Eighty Sample Clauses

Eighty seven and a half percent (87.5%) of professional leave days shall be allocated proportionally to the buildings. No days shall be apportioned to buildings at less than one- half day.
Eighty. Three (83%) of the aggregate appraised value of the Eligible Equipment; and
Eighty five (85%) percent of the amount of Borrower's Eligible Receivables (as defined in Section 1 of the Agreement) provided that Dilution does not exceed five percent (5%) at which time the advance rate may be reduced by Coast in its reasonable judgment, OR
Eighty five (85) percent of electronic applications completed by CAAs and submitted to ADMINISTRATOR shall include all supporting documentation, as described in Paragraph 5 of this Exhibit A. 2.1.2 Ninety (90) percent of electronic applications completed by CAAs shall be submitted to ADMINISTRATOR within two (2) business days of completion.
Eighty. Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($87,500) upon signing this Agreement;
Eighty. Three Dollars ($2,190,083) for each of the Shareholders (collectively, the "Non-Competition Agreements"). The Non-Competition Agreements shall provide that the scope of the Non-Competition Agreement does not extend into or include the locations set forth on Exhibit 6.12(b).
Eighty five (85) percent of the SEA members affected by this waiver request voted in favor of the above request. SEA Building Representative Date Building Principal Date ADDENDUM E - SECRETARIAL/CLERICAL CATEGORY LIST FOR TRANSFERSJOB CLASSIFICATIONS, TITLES AND PAY LEVELS There are three (3) levels of secretarial/clerical positions. Listed under each level are the classifications and/or job titles. Level 6