Education and Experience Sample Clauses

Education and Experience. Secondary School Honour Graduation, plus a minimum of 13 years' pertinent experience or the equivalent in experience, additional education and/or training; OR ▪ Graduation from a recognized institute of advanced technology, or equivalent formal education, and a minimum of nine years' pertinent technological experience.
Education and Experience. Classifications represented by BMA shall contain the following statement on job specifications and bulletins: Any combination of education and/or experience that has provided the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for acceptable job performance as determined by the City.
Education and Experience a. Bachelor’s degree and up to 3 years’ experience or equivalent
Education and Experience a. Advanced degree with at least 5 years of consulting experience, or a bachelor’s degree and at least 8 years consulting experience, plus expertise in complex systems.
Education and Experience. All persons employed to fill any regular full-time or part- time position should possess the qualifications of education and experience described in the official class description. The Board may authorize the appointment of persons having less than the appropriate qualifications if fully qualified persons cannot be recruited.
Education and Experience. Secondary School Honour Graduation, or its equivalent. ▪ A minimum of three years' pertinent experience.
Education and Experience. (a) Secondary School Honour Graduation or its equivalent. A minimum of three (3) years pertinent drafting experience or equivalent in experience, education and/or training. Design Technologist a recognized institute of advanced technology, or equivalent formal education. Knowledge, and Abilities Xxxx possess a working knowledge of design drafting technique and practice. Must be capable of producing neat, legible and accurate drawings in reasonable time. Must have sufficient knowledge of standard equipment and materials. Must have a working of shop and field practice. Must be able to work effectively with others. 97/99 DESIGNER TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR DESIGN TECHNOLOGIST Duties: Under direction, to perform duties in a specialized or related field such as the following: To prepare design layout drawings of intermediate complexity and to perform the necessary design calculations and specification. To prepare sketches and to supervise and check the preparation of the drawings by junior drafting personnel. To prepare assembly,schematic and other drawings general written or verbal instructions and field inspection. To carry out revisions to complex drawings of equipment and installations with only verbal information or rough sketches provided. To supervise work done by junior drafting personnel as directed. To check the work of others. To provide technical illustrations of a complex nature of equipment and buildings in the design conception stage with only rough sketches and general verbal instructions provided.
Education and Experience. This sub-factor measures a combination of education and relevant job-related experience required by the job. Job evaluation is a separate process from recruitment and selection. The job evaluation process considers the minimum combination of both formal education and directly related experience required to be hired into the job and become competent in performing the duties of the job to ensure the smooth flow of work. This requirement is based on current educational programs, rather than what the incumbents bring to the job. The first component, Education, measures the minimum level of formal education (or the equivalent of formal education) that is required for someone being hired into the position. It is recognized that some incumbents will not have this formal education but will have developed the necessary skills and competencies through experience. Some incumbents may have more than the required formal education. With the Education component already determined, the second component measures the experiential knowledge gained through a combination of prior work experience and on the job training required to perform the essential techniques and skills required by the job. Calculate the minimum experiential knowledge by determining the:
Education and Experience. Professional DEC or equivalent in relevant discipline and at least two (2) years of practical related experience, OR Academic DEC in relevant discipline plus three (3) years of related experience, OR Bachelor's Degree.
Education and Experience. 1. All advanced education completed after receipt of a Bachelor's or Master's degree will be credited on the salary schedule. Credit will not be given for correspondence courses or activity physical education courses. Degrees and courses offered on the Internet through accredited colleges will be accepted.