DRIP Sample Clauses

DRIP. Buyer shall keep reasonably clear of obstruction all its ---- pipelines through which said gas is being delivered and shall own all liquids collecting in such lines.
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DRIP. The Company’s board of directors (the “Company Board”) has, prior to the date hereof, taken all actions to suspend or terminate the DRIP, and following such suspension or termination, shall not issue any shares of Company Common Stock under the DRIP.
DRIP. The Company DRIP shall remain suspended from the date of this Agreement until the earlier of the Effective Time and the date, if any, on which this Agreement is earlier terminated pursuant to Section 8.1.
DRIP. Simultaneously with the execution hereof, the board of directors of the Company has suspended the operation of the DRIP and the DRIP shall terminate as of the Effective Time.
DRIP. The Company shall take such actions as is necessary to provide that as of no later than three (3) business days prior to the Closing Date no further Company Common Stock will be purchased under the DRIP; provided that such cessation on further purchases following the Closing Date shall be conditioned upon the consummation of the Merger.
DRIP. Liquids, including water and liquid hydrocarbons, whether or not of commercial value, which are separated from Producer’s Gas in the Gathering System as a result of standard Gathering System operations, including the compression of gas and pigging of pipelines. Dry Gas. Producer’s Gas produced from an individual well that has a Thermal Content of [REDACTED]* or less.
DRIP. 15.1 (**)
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DRIP. Seller agrees to terminate its DRIP as soon as practicable after the date of this Agreement.
DRIP. (a) On the date hereof, Shaw shall enroll 100% of the Consideration Shares in the existing DRIP, and shall maintain enrolment of such shares in the DRIP until the earlier of (i) September 1, 2017, and (ii) the date such Consideration Shares are no longer Hold Shares.
DRIP. The Processor shall keep its Gathering System, reasonably clear of obstruction and the hydrocarbon liquids, “Drip”, collected in that System shall be owned by Processor.
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