WINDOW TREATMENT. If Tenant desires to attach or hang any curtains, blinds, shades or screens to or in any window or door of the Premises, Tenant must obtain Landlord’s prior written approval. Tenant will not coat or sunscreen the interior or exterior of any windows without Landlord’s express written consent. Tenant will not place any objects on the window xxxxx that cause, in Landlord’s reasonable opinion, an aesthetically unacceptable appearance.
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WINDOW TREATMENT. 19.1 Lessee, at its expense, may install shades, drapes or window coverings and, if installed, Lessee shall maintain said window coverings in an attractive and safe condition, provided however, in the sole judgment of Lessor said window coverings are in harmony with the exterior and interior appearance of Central School and will create no safety or fire hazard.
WINDOW TREATMENT. (a) Provide new building standard window treatment if not existing. Provide blinds if there are no building standard window treatments.
WINDOW TREATMENT. 7.1 Exterior Window Shades, where provided, will be manual-type roller shades by Mechoshade in recessed factory housing. Shade Material shall be Thermoveil 1500, Color: 1504 Black/Xxxxx; Density: 3% Open.
WINDOW TREATMENT. 1. The Building Standard Allowance for Multi-Tenant industrial office space is $.50 s.f. This is for Riviera Levelor blinds, alabaster number 112 horizontal 1" slats or equal.
WINDOW TREATMENT. Provide and install window treatment on the exterior windows. Landlord will supply thin-lined, 1" horizontal blinds equal to Bali-Xxxxxx quality.
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WINDOW TREATMENT. None. Building was retrofitted with all new exterior glazing system, by View Glass, a special insulated glazing system with integral low voltage tinting, managed by a computer system, to provide room darkening at different points throughout the day. No additional window coverings are being provided or necessary.
WINDOW TREATMENT. Landlord shall furnish and install, in all ---------------- exterior windows "Building Standard Window Treatment".
WINDOW TREATMENT. A. Furnish and install one Building Standard Solar Shade in each window. Shades shall be of a light neutral color. There shall be no substitution allowed for this item.
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