WALLS AND FINISHES. 2.1 SABS approved cement or clay stocks.
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  • Tools and Equipment As established by current practices, the Employer may determine and provide necessary tools, tool allowance, equipment and foul weather gear. The Employer will repair or replace employer-provided tools and equipment if damaged or worn out beyond usefulness in the normal course of business. Employees are accountable for equipment and/or tools assigned to them and will maintain them in a clean and serviceable condition.

  • Services, Materials, and Equipment Unless otherwise specified, the Contractor shall provide and assume full responsibility for all services, materials, equipment, labor, transportation, construction equipment and machinery, tools, appliances, fuel, power, light, heat, telephone, water, sanitary facilities, temporary facilities, and all other facilities, incidentals, and services necessary for the construction, performance, testing, start-up, inspection and completion of the Work.

  • Technical Standards Applicable to a Wind Generating Plant i. Low Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) Capability A wind generating plant shall be able to remain online during voltage disturbances up to the time periods and associated voltage levels set forth in the standard below. The LVRT standard provides for a transition period standard and a post-transition period standard.

  • General specifications 6.1.1. A vehicle and its electrical/electronic system(s) or ESA(s) shall be so designed, constructed and fitted as to enable the vehicle, in normal conditions of use, to comply with the requirements of this Regulation.

  • Materials and Equipment ‌ Material means property that may be consumed or expended during performance, component parts of a higher assembly, or items that lose their individual identity through incorporation into an end item. Equipment means a tangible item that is functionally complete for its intended purpose, durable, nonexpendable, and needed for performance. Materials and Equipment shall be priced in accordance with the terms of the task order award, contract type, and applicable FAR and agency-specific regulatory supplements. Unless otherwise directed by task order terms and conditions, the Contractor may apply indirect costs to materials and equipment consistent with the Contractor’s usual accounting practices.

  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, TOOLS AND APPAREL 16.01 The Employer will furnish employees with all necessary personal protective equipment (including safety helmets, safety glasses, gloves etc.) and rain gear if and when required. Said equipment shall remain the property of the Employer. Any worn out safety equipment will be replaced by the Employer upon presentation of the worn equipment. The employees shall be held responsible for loss or improper maintenance of Employer furnished items, including personal protective equipment, rain gear and safety equipment, in which case employees may, at the discretion of the Employer, be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Quality of Materials and Workmanship Unless otherwise specified, all materials shall be new, and both workmanship and materials shall be of good quality. The Contractor shall, if required, furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and work. The burden of proof is on the Contractor.

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