Dispensing Sample Clauses

Dispensing. 13.1 The Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy agrees and acknowledges that its pharmacists or pharmacy technicians shall not dispense any drug compounded or repackaged as part of the Services to any patient of the Community Pharmacy.
Dispensing. A. Non-Maintenance Drugs are limited to up to a thirty (30)-day supply.
Dispensing. Under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Pharmacy agrees to dispense Drug Products or Services (“Services”) to Covered Persons in accordance with the Licensed Prescriber’s prescription order. It is the Pharmacy’s obligation to ensure that any pharmacist who provides Services on behalf of the Pharmacy shall use his or her professional judgment when filling prescription orders, and shall comply with all legal, professional and ethical obligations applicable to pharmacists under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the prescription service is provided. Pharmacy shall provide Drug Products and Services to Covered Persons without regard to ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, or physical/mental health status. MC-Rx is in no way liable or responsible for the acts or omissions of pharmacists acting on behalf of the Pharmacy, or pharmacists acting under the terms of this Agreement as the Pharmacy, except for applicable actions performed under the explicit direction of MC-Rx.
Dispensing. Dispense Covered Medications to each Member (not to exceed a one month's supply) in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and the applicable Prescription Drug Program. Any prescription for a Member for a Covered Medication greater than one-month's supply shall be transferred to ESI for fulfillment unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the parties. The parties will develop procedures for the transfer of such prescription orders to ESI. Initially, however, Provider will create an order for each Member request for such a prescription; obtain approval from the credit card issuer for the amount of the Copayment; and remit the Copayment to ESI when received, net of the credit card issuer's fee.
Dispensing. The Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy agrees and acknowledges that its pharmacists or pharmacy technicians shall not dispense any drug compounded or repackaged as part of the Services to any patient of the Institution Pharmacy. The Compounding and Repackaging Pharmacy shall send any drug compounded or repackaged as part of the Services to the Institution Pharmacy for dispensing to the patients of the Institution Pharmacy by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians at the Institution Pharmacy. Pharmacists or pharmacy technicians at the Institution Pharmacy are responsible for dispensing any drugs provided to the Institution Pharmacy under this Agreement to the patients of the Institution Pharmacy.
Dispensing. Vacation days shall consist of 24-hour periods and shall be earned and granted in the following manner:
Dispensing. At the Baseline visit, randomized patients will be dispensed bottles of celgosivir capsules containing enough capsules to last to the Week 4 visit. Each bottle of celgosivir contains enough capsules to last 7 days at the prescribed dose level for this study. The patient will be instructed to return all bottles of celgosivir at the next study visit and will be dispensed new bottles of study drug capsules. July 27, 2005 MIGENIX Inc. 52 OF 165 CLINICAL STUDY PROTOCOL #HCV-05-002 VERSION 3 CONFIDENTIAL Patients will also receive enough peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin to last until the Week 4 visit. Drug will then be dispensed again at the Weeks 4 and 8 visits to last until the following study visit. Accountability In accordance with federal regulations, the Investigator must agree to keep all clinical supplies in a secure location with restricted access. Upon receipt of the clinical supplies, the Investigator or designee will conduct a complete inventory of all study drug materials and assume responsibility for storage and dispensing. Dispensation and return of study drug must be appropriately documented. Under no circumstance should any of the clinical supplies sent to the Investigator be used in any unauthorized manner. Unless instructed to be destroyed at the study site, all used and unused study drug supplies will be appropriately inventoried and returned to the Sponsor at the conclusion of the study. Prior and Concomitant Therapy Therapies used within one month prior to the Screening Visit should be recorded on the Previous/Concomitant Therapy Form of the CRF. Prophylactic treatment with anti-depressants, Tylenol, etc., in order to lessen the discomfort of side effects for patients receiving peginterferon alfa-2b therapy will be permitted. Patients taking concomitant anti-depressants will be permitted as long as they have been taking the drug at a stable dosage for at least 2 months. These treatments should be recorded as concomitant medications. Prophylactic treatment with erythropoietin, G-CSF, and GM-CSF prior to study enrolment in order to meet Inclusion and Exclusion criteria is not permitted. Per the physician’s discretion, therapeutic use of erythropoietin, G-CSF, and GM-CSF is permitted during the study. Patients will be provided with a patient diary and instructed to record any concomitant medications taken during the study (start and stop date, medication, indication, and dose) or a change to the dose of concomitant medication. Information o...