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Diagnoses. Allergies (food, medication, bees) Chronic or recurrent illnesses or disorders: Does your child take medication for these illnesses listed above? If so, please state the name of the drug and the dosage. Will the medication need to be given during program hours? Yes No If yes, when will it need to be given? Describe how. What should we (you) do if your child has a problem related to his/her medical condition during program hours? What are the signs of problems that may occur? Please list an emergency phone number: Doctor’s Name: Phone # What hospital do you prefer? Insurance Company Policy Holder’s I.D. Medical Consent: In the event that my child, , (Birthdate) , may require medical and/or surgical care while I am out of the city or unable to be reached, I hereby give my consent to medical and/or surgical treatment to Hospital and Doctor or his/her designee to provide this care. I agree to pay all the costs and fees contingent on any emergency medical care and/or treatment for my child as secured or authorized under this consent. Signature of Parent/ Guardian Date THE ARC OF Xx XXXXXX COUNTY SUMMER DAY CAMP PROGRAM RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT
Diagnoses. The patient record shall include written diagnoses of the patient's current dental status based on the evaluation of the patient's medical and dental history, dental clinical examination and radiographic findings.
Diagnoses. The large majority of patients received a diagnosis of non-affective psychosis (n=120, 74%), of whom 48% (n=77) received a diagnosis of schizophrenia, 16% (n=26) of brief psychotic disorder and 10% (n=17) of other non-affective psychosis. Affective psychoses accounted for 12% (n=20), of whom 7% (n=12) bipolar disorder, 5% (n=8) depression with psychotic features). Lastly, SIPs accounted for 14% (n=23). Moreover, 27 patients (16%) received a dual diagnosis (substance-related psychosis + other psychosis). (Table 4.1). Table 4. 1. Denominator Population and Sample characteristics of the FEP Xx Xxxx

Related to Diagnoses

  • Diagnosis For a condition to be considered a covered illness or disorder, copies of laboratory tests results, X-rays, or any other report or result of clinical examinations on which the diagnosis was based, are required as part of the positive diagnosis by a physician.

  • MEDICALLY FRAGILE STUDENTS 1. If a teacher will be providing instructional or other services to a medically fragile student, the teacher or another adult who will be present when the instruction or other services are being provided will be advised of the steps to be taken in the event an emergency arises relating to the student's medical condition.

  • Diagnostic procedures to aid the Provider in determining required dental treatment.

  • Infectious Diseases The Employer and the Union desire to arrest the spread of infectious diseases in the nursing home. To achieve this objective, the Joint Health and Safety Committee may review and offer input into infection control programs and protocols including surveillance, outbreak control, isolation, precautions, worker education and training, and personal protective equipment. The Employer will provide training and ongoing education in communicable disease recognition, use of personal protective equipment, decontamination of equipment, and disposal of hazardous waste.

  • Clinical 1.1. Provides comprehensive evidence based nursing care and individual case management to a specific group of patients/clients including assessment, intervention and evaluation.

  • Human Leukocyte Antigen Testing This plan covers human leukocyte antigen testing for A, B, and DR antigens once per member per lifetime to establish a member’s bone marrow transplantation donor suitability in accordance with R.I. General Law §27-20-36. The testing must be performed in a facility that is: • accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks or its successors; and • licensed under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act as it may be amended from time to time. At the time of testing, the person being tested must complete and sign an informed consent form that also authorizes the results of the test to be used for participation in the National Marrow Donor program.

  • Screening 3.13.1 Refuse containers located outside the building shall be fully screened from adjacent properties and from streets by means of opaque fencing or masonry walls with suitable landscaping.

  • Medical Verification The Town may require medical verification of an employee’s absence if the Town perceives the employee is abusing sick leave or has used an excessive amount of sick leave. The Town may require medical verification of an employee’s absence to verify that the employee is able to return to work with or without restrictions.

  • Study You undertake to pursue satisfactorily such studies as are required of you by any tutor, fellow or lecturer, or other qualified person, assigned by the College (or University as the case may be) to teach you. For this purpose, studies include the reading of materials, carrying out prescribed activities such as practicals, the completion of written work, attendance in tutorials and classes and lectures, and the sitting of University and internal College examinations.