CONTRACTOR’S SUBMISSION OF CONTRACT MODIFICATIONS. In connection with any Contract modification, OGS reserves the right to:  request additional information  reject Contract modifications  remove Products from Contract modification requests  request additional discounts for new or existing Products
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CONTRACTOR’S SUBMISSION OF CONTRACT MODIFICATIONS. In connection with any Contract modification, OGS reserves the right to: • request additional information • reject Contract modifications • remove Products from Contract modification requests • request additional discounts for new or existing Products PRICE LEVEL JUSTIFICATION – FORMAT: Contractor is required to submit the Product and price level information for the update in an Excel spreadsheet format electronically via e-mail (and in hard copy if requested by OGS) to the OGS Contract Administrator. The list must be dated. The Product and price level information should include and identify (e.g., by use of separate worksheets or by using italics, bold and/or color fonts): • Price level increases • Price level decreases • Products being added SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: Each modification request must include the current contract pricing discount relevant to the Products included in the update. SUBMITTAL OF MODIFICATION REQUESTS: A Contract modification request must be accompanied by a completed Contract Modification Form. Contractor should briefly describe the nature and purpose of the update (e.g., update requested in order to reflect a recently approved GSA schedule, to restructure the price level to its customers generally, and/or for new Products which fall into a new group or category that did not exist at the time of approval of the Contract by OGS). The Contract Modification Form must contain original signatures by an individual authorized to sign on behalf of Contractor and must be notarized. CONTRACT MODIFICATION FORM OGS CONTRACT NO.: CONTRACT DESCRIPTION: DATE OF SUBMISSION: CONTRACT PERIOD: From: To: CONTRACTOR CONTACT: NAME: PHONE NO: E- MAIL: NOTE: Submission of this FORM does not constitute acceptance by the State of New York until approved by the appropriate New York State representative(s).


  • Contract Modifications It is understood that changes are inherent in operations of the type covered by this contract. The number of changes, the scope of those changes, and the impact they have on the progress of the original operations cannot be defined at this time. The PURCHASER is notified that changes are anticipated and that there will be no compensation made to the PURCHASER directly related to the number of changes made. Each change will be evaluated for extension of contract time and increase or decrease in compensation based on its own merit. STATE reserves the right to make, at any time during the contract, such modifications as are necessary or desirable; provided such modifications shall not change the character of the operations to be done nor increase the cost, unless such operations or cost increase is approved in writing by PURCHASER. Any modifications so made shall not invalidate this contract nor release PURCHASER of obligations under the performance bond. PURCHASER agrees to do the modified operations as if it had been a part of the original contract. If any change under this section causes an increase or decrease in the PURCHASER's cost of, or the time required for the performance of any part of the operations, the PURCHASER must submit a written statement setting forth the nature and specific extent of the claim. Such claim shall include all time and cost impacts against the contract and be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of any written notice of modification of the contract. If the PURCHASER discovers site conditions which differ materially from what was represented in the contract or from conditions that would normally be expected to exist and be inherent to the activities defined in the contract, the PURCHASER shall notify the STATE's Authorized Representative immediately and before the area has been disturbed. The STATE's Authorized Representative will investigate the area and make a determination as to whether or not the conditions differ materially from either the conditions stated in the contract or those which could reasonably be expected in execution of this particular contract. If it is determined that a differing site condition exists, any compensation or credit will be determined based on an analysis by STATE's Authorized Representative. If the PURCHASER does not concur with the decision of the STATE's Authorized Representative and/or believes that it is entitled to additional compensation, the PURCHASER may proceed to file a claim. Claims Review Process. All PURCHASER claims shall be referred to the STATE's Authorized Representative for review. All claims shall be made in writing to the STATE's Authorized Representative not more than ten days from the date of the occurrence of the event which gives rise to the claim or not more than ten days from the date that the PURCHASER knew or should have known of the problem. Unless the claim is made in accordance with these time requirements, it shall be waived. All claims shall be submitted in writing and shall include a detailed, factual statement of the basis of the claim, pertinent dates, contract provisions which support or allow the claim, reference to or copies of any documents which support the claim, the exact dollar value of the claim, and specific time extension requested for the claim. If the claim involves operations to be completed by subcontractors, the PURCHASER will analyze and evaluate the merits of the subcontractor's claim. PURCHASER shall forward the subcontractor's claim and PURCHASER's evaluation of such claim to STATE's Authorized Representative. The STATE's Authorized Representative will not consider direct claims from subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, or others not a party to this contract. The decision of the STATE shall be final and binding unless the PURCHASER requests mediation.

  • TYPES OF CONTRACT MODIFICATIONS In order to expedite processing of a contract modification, where proposed changes involve more than one category below, each change should be submitted to OGS as a separate request.

  • DESCRIPTION OF CONTRACT MODIFICATION This contract modification is made in accordance with Exhibit E-Revised-1, Contractual Terms and Conditions, Section 22. CHANGES, to be made part hereof for all pertinent purposes. The changes are as follows:

  • INTENT OF CONTRACT DOCUMENTS 1.1 It is the intent of the Contract Documents to describe a functionally complete Project (or portion thereof) to be constructed in accordance with the Contract Documents. Any work, materials or equipment that may reasonably be inferred from the Contract Documents as being required to produce the intended result shall be supplied whether or not specifically called for. When words which have a well-known technical or trade meaning are used to describe work, materials or equipment, such words shall be interpreted in accordance with that meaning. Reference to standard specifications, manuals or codes of any technical society, organization or association or to the laws or regulations of any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Project, whether such reference be specific or by implication, shall mean the latest standard specification, manual, code, law or regulation in effect at the time the Work is performed, except as may be otherwise specifically stated herein.

  • Content of Contractor's certification As required in paragraph (l)(5) of this clause, the Contractor shall make the following certification in each request for performance-based payment: I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that --

  • Contractor’s Submittals The Contract shall submit with reasonable promptness consistent with the Work Project Schedule and in orderly sequence all Shop Drawings, Samples, or other information required by the Contract Documents, or subsequently required by Change Order. Prior to submitting, the Contractor shall review each submittal for compliance with the Contract Documents and certify its approval by an approval stamp affixed to each copy. Submittal data presented without the Contractor’s certification will be returned without review or comment, and any delay resulting from such certification is the Contractor's responsibility.

  • Contract Modification The conditions of this timber sale are completely set forth in this contract. Except as provided in B8.32 and B8.33, this contract can be modified only by written agreement between the parties. Only Contracting Officer may make contract modifications, with compensating adjustments to Current Contract Rates where appropriate, on behalf of Forest Service.

  • OGS Centralized Contract Modifications OGS, an Authorized User, or the Contractor may suggest modifications to the Centralized Contract or its Appendices. Except as specifically provided herein, modifications to the terms and conditions set forth herein may only be made with mutual written agreement of the Parties. Modifications may take the form of an update or an amendment. “

  • Change Orders and Contract Amendments 33.1 The Procuring Entity may at any time order the Supplier through notice in accordance GCC Clause 8, to make changes within the general scope of the Contract in any one or more of the following:

  • REVIEW OF CONTRACT DOCUMENTS 4.2.1 The Contractor shall carefully study and compare the Contract Documents and shall immediately report in writing to the Architect and the State any error, inconsistency or omission he may discover. The Contractor shall not be liable to the State or the Architect for any damage resulting from any such errors, inconsistencies or omissions in the Contract Documents. The Contractor shall perform no portion of the Work at any time without Contract Documents or, where required, approved Shop Drawings, Product Data or Samples for such portion of the Work.

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