Consolidate Sample Clauses

Consolidate merge, and/or otherwise transfer any or all of its facilities, property, process, and/or work with or to any other entity and/or change in any respect the legal status, management, and/or responsibility of such property, facilities, processes, and/or work.
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Consolidate the scope of two sub-categories under the major category “strategic acquisition and investment” and reduce the portion of Net Proceeds for “strategic acquisition and investment” Since the Listing, the Company has actively pursued potential opportunities of acquisition, and investment in, property management companies and companies providing lifestyle services available in the market. Having involved in such course of action for over a year, the Company realized that the original split in the intended use of Net Proceeds may restricts the Company from being timely responsive to opportunities of acquisition of prime target companies engaged in either property management or providing lifestyle services available in the markets. For the purpose of better utilising Net Proceeds and capturing more favourable investment opportunities, the Company proposed to cancel the original two split sub- categories of “acquire and invest in other property management companies” and “acquire and invest in other companies providing lifestyle services” and to consolidate their scope into one major category “strategic acquisition and investment”. In addition, upon investigation and research, after the acquisition of Chengdu Mingyu Global Business Management Co., Ltd.* (成都明宇環球商業管理有限公司) as disclosed in the announcement of the Company dated 11 April 2022, the Company continues to actively capture the potential opportunities of acquisition, and investment in, property management companies and companies providing lifestyle services available in the market. As at the date of this announcement, the Company has not yet identified any suitable acquisition targets from domestic and overseas market that is in line with merge and acquisition strategy of the Company, resulting in a low efficiency of the capital use. Thus the Board has resolved to reallocate a portion of Net Proceeds from the category “strategic acquisition and investment” to increase the portion for “working capital” and fund the new category “development of lifestyle service”.
Consolidate. Cuesta Coal hopes to create one large coal project by combining its West Bowen Project with the adjacent Orion project. WHO WE ARE We have become one of Australia’s leading logistical suppliers and our dedicated team works to provide innovative solutions for our clients, ranging from ultra heavy haulage to ultra bulk haulage. With headquarters in central Queensland and alliances across Australia, we think and operate on a national scale. WHAT WE DO No matter what your logistical requirements, we can find the most efficient way to achieve the results you need.
Consolidate. We consolidate your requirements and give you a single point of contact that will manage the support incidents with you, and deal with all of the parties involved until it gets resolved.

Related to Consolidate

  • Consolidation The Employer may consolidate grievances arising out of the same set of facts.

  • Amalgamation Each Grantor acknowledges and agrees that, in the event it amalgamates with any other corporation or corporations, it is the intention of the parties hereto that the term “Grantor,” when used herein, shall apply to each of the amalgamating corporations and to the amalgamated corporation, such that the security interest granted hereby:

  • Consolidation of Grievances If the grievance involves a group of employees or if a number of employees file separate grievances on the same matter, the grievances shall, whenever possible, be handled as a single grievance.

  • CONSOLIDATION OF PROCEEDINGS a. It is understood that the County is entering into this type of agreement with exclusive representatives of other representation units of County employees. The County Executive or his/her designee shall be authorized to order the consolidation for purposes of hearing and decision of a complaint by the Association with one (1) or more complaints by exclusive representatives of other representation units, except as to unit representatives who file their complaints on dates which preclude the scheduling of the consolidated hearing.

  • Merger or Consolidation Section 8.11

  • Merger The Company merges into or consolidates with another corporation, or merges another corporation into the Company, and as a result less than a majority of the combined voting power of the resulting corporation immediately after the merger or consolidation is held by persons who were stockholders of the Company immediately before the merger or consolidation.

  • Reclassification If any reclassification of the capital stock of the Company shall be effected in such a way that holders of Common Stock shall be entitled to receive stock, securities, or other assets or property, then, as a condition of such reclassification, lawful and adequate provisions shall be made whereby the Holder hereof shall thereafter have the right to purchase and receive (in lieu of the shares of the Common Stock immediately theretofore purchasable and receivable upon the exercise of the rights represented hereby) such shares of stock, securities or other assets or property as may be issued or payable with respect to or in exchange for a number of outstanding shares of such Common Stock equal to the number of shares of such Common Stock immediately theretofore purchasable and receivable upon the exercise of the rights represented hereby. In any reclassification described above, appropriate provision shall be made with respect to the rights and interests of the Holder of this Warrant to the end that the provisions hereof (including, without limitation, provisions for adjustments of the Exercise Price and of the number of shares purchasable and receivable upon the exercise of this Warrant) shall thereafter be applicable, as nearly as may be, in relation to any shares of stock, securities or assets thereafter deliverable upon the exercise hereof.

  • Corporate Existence So long as the Buyer beneficially owns any Note, the Company shall maintain its corporate existence and shall not sell all or substantially all of the Company’s assets, except in the event of a merger or consolidation or sale of all or substantially all of the Company’s assets, where the surviving or successor entity in such transaction (i) assumes the Company’s obligations hereunder and under the agreements and instruments entered into in connection herewith and (ii) is a publicly traded corporation whose Common Stock is listed for trading on the OTCBB, Nasdaq, Nasdaq SmallCap, NYSE or AMEX.

  • Consolidation or Joinder § Either party, at its sole discretion, may consolidate an arbitration conducted under this Agreement with any other arbitration to which it is a party provided that (1) the arbitration agreement governing the other arbitration permits consolidation; (2) the arbitrations to be consolidated substantially involve common questions of law or fact; and (3) the arbitrations employ materially similar procedural rules and methods for selecting arbitrator(s).

  • ROOM CONSOLIDATION Residence assignments shall be consolidated when vacancies occur in any residence facility, to minimize the number of rooms, suites, and/or apartments not at full occupancy. The Student may be required to change residence assignment and move to facilitate room consolidation. Residents in rooms/apartments/suites not at full capacity may be charged additional rent as determined by UCF DHRL.

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