Confusion Sample Clauses

Confusion. Sublicensee agrees not to use at any time during the Term of this Agreement any other word, trademark, brand name, trade name, symbol, design or the like which is similar to or possibly may be confused with the Trademarks sublicensed hereunder. Sublicensee will not take any action which will harm or prejudice the Trademarks or Wilson's or Sublicensor's rights therein in any way during the Term of this Agreement or any allowed period of use thereafter. Sublicensee will take care to identify itself in all transactions as a Sublicensee of, and separate legal entity from, Sublicensor and Wilson, as opposed to an integrated, divisional or consolidated part of either Wilson's or Sublicensor's sporting goods business.
Confusion. The Mask for FearConfusion arises to mask your fear when there’s too much input, too many decisions to be made, or too much going on. Confusion can give you a much-needed time out:
Confusion under the Paris Convention 17
Confusion. By destroying key facilities and interdicting lines of communication and supply, the guerrilla force causes confusion within the friendly force rear areas. The greater the amount of confusion created, the greater the ability of the main enemy force to discover and exploit weaknesses of the friendly force.
Confusion. The sickness may make people confused. They may no longer recognise family members, or they may not know where they are. Do not argue with them. Gently but firmly keep them in bed and tell them not to worry.
Confusion. This group felt confused by the transformation summit. This is because they sought clarity on the matter or were new to the varsity and were settling in or had assimilated themselves to the university and did not see the need for transformation.
Confusion. Students expressed confusion about various aspects of dealing with privacy and security concerns and about issues of com- pliance. For example, one student was unsure about whether they were “allowed to collect certain information.” Another student expressed uncertainty about the security of Zoom, explaining that: “since the IRB allows it, I accept that it is safe, but I don’t know that for sure.”
Confusion. C. As assessment of the need for a bowel regimen when the patient has been prescribed opioids.

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  • Examples a. if Star Sports 1 is placed at number 2 within the Sports genre, then Star Sports 2 and Star Sports 1 Hindi shall be placed at 3 and 4 respectively, without any other channel(s) placed between the Star Sports Channels thereby disrupting the sequence.

  • Infringement Controlled Affiliate shall promptly notify Plan and Plan shall promptly notify BCBSA of any suspected acts of infringement, unfair competition or passing off that may occur in relation to the Licensed Marks and Name. Controlled Affiliate shall not be entitled to require Plan or BCBSA to take any actions or institute any proceedings to prevent infringement, unfair competition or passing off by third parties. Controlled Affiliate agrees to render to Plan and BCBSA, without charge, all reasonable assistance in connection with any matter pertaining to the protection of the Licensed Marks and Name by BCBSA.

  • Competing Products The provisions of Section 21 are set forth on attached Exhibit H and are incorporated in this Section 21 by this reference.

  • Approach All investments are to be made using the value approach by investing in companies at prices below their underlying long term values to protect capital from loss and earn income over time and provide operating income as needed. With regard to equities, no attempt is made to forecast the economy or the stock market. The manager will attempt to identify financially sound companies with good potential profitability which are selling at large discounts to their intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of low prices may consist of some or all of the following characteristics: low price earnings ratios, high dividend yields, significant discounts to book value, and free cash flow. Downside protection is obtained by seeking a margin of safety in terms of a sound financial position and a low price in relation to intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of financial integrity which are regularly monitored, include debt/equity ratios, financial leverage, asset turnover, profit margin, return on equity, and interest coverage. As a result of this bargain hunting approach, it is anticipated that purchases will be made when economic and issue-specific conditions are less than ideal and sentiment is uncertain or negative. Conversely, it is expected that gains will be realized when issue-specific factors are positive and sentiment is buoyant. The investment time horizon is one business cycle (approximately 3-5 years). As regards bonds, the approach is similar. No attempt is made to forecast the economy or interest rates. The manager will attempt to purchase attractively priced bonds offering yields better than Treasury bonds with maturities of 10 years or less that are of sound quality i.e. whose obligations are expected to be fully met as they come due. We do not regard rating services as being an unimpeachable source for assessing credit quality any more than we would regard a broker's recommendation on a stock as being necessarily correct. In any form of investment research and evaluation, there is no substitute for the reasoned judgement of the investment committee and its managers.