Competitive Sample Clauses

Competitive i) Market Share Goal and trend
Competitive. Bid Loans shall be evidenced by the Competitive Bid Notes. In no event shall the aggregate of all Competitive Bid Loans outstanding at any time exceed 50% of the Aggregate Commitment and when added to all outstanding Advances (including, without limitation, LIBOR Advances, Fixed Rate Advances and CBR Advances) shall not exceed the Aggregate Commitment.
Competitive. Bid Loans made by each Lender shall be evidenced by a Competitive Bid Note if requested in writing by such Lender.
Competitive. In the event of a reduction of work force, provisions of N.Y.S. Civil Service Law regarding bumping and retreat shall apply to the competitive class employees. Employees shall be laid off in the inverse order of their seniority and be placed on a Civil Service preferred recall list, such list to remain in effect for four years, unless otherwise provided by the Civil Service Law. Once an employee is placed on a recall list, during the month of June each year, they shall notify the Chief Business and Financial Officer in writing of their intention to remain on said list. If the employee fails to so notify the Chief Business and Financial Officer, their name shall be deleted from the recall list and they shall be declared to have terminated their employment with the School District. When an employee is required to move to another job title in a lower pay grade, in accordance with the procedures herein set forth, credit shall be given for the years of service in the grade from which they are being relocated and their former grades to ascertain their appropriate compensation on the compensation grade scale. In no case, however, shall the rate of pay be greater than that being paid in the displaced grade.
Competitive. Bid Procedure -------------------------