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CLOTHES. 30:01 Where the employer requires specific items of clothing to be worn as a condition of employment, the Employer will provide and replace the required clothing when determined necessary by the Employer. For greater specificity, a specific item of clothing shall mean a particular piece of clothing (e.g, a uniform, or a shirt with a University logo) and not just a particular type /style/color of clothing (e.g. a black t-shirt). This shall include outerwear where applicable. Upon termination or layoff, employees are required to promptly return any clothing with University of Toronto identification. Safety Shoe or Boot Allowance
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CLOTHES. EQUIPMENT FURNISHED BY THE COMPANY‌ Section 1 The Company shall furnish safety devices which, when furnished, must be worn as a condition of employment.
CLOTHES. During the Allotted Times the submissive will wear clothing and jewellery only approved by the Dominant.
CLOTHES. Children are provided weather-appropriate clothing and shoes regularly. Clothing is regularly laundered and properly cared for.

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  • WORK CLOTHES The employer shall provide all necessary work clothes (coveralls, work shoes or equivalent, and insulated coveralls, winter coveralls and rain gear as needed), as well as safety equipment, including personal safety gear. Work clothes and safety gear provided by the company are the property of the company. When a new set of work clothes is provided, the worn set shall be handed in. Used safety equipment as mentioned above shall be properly cleaned before being reissued.

  • Breakfast Breakfast reimbursements may be claimed only if the employee is on assignment away from their temporary or permanent work station in a travel status overnight or departs from home in an assigned travel status before 6:00 A.M.

  • Uniforms If an employee is required, by the Employer, to wear a uniform, such uniform shall be issued to the employee.

  • Clothing Employees after 152 hours employment with the Company will be supplied with:

  • Playground ~ The playground is primarily for the use of children under the age of twelve (12). Any child caught throwing rocks, vandalizing, or hitting or teasing other children will be asked to leave the playground. An adult or appropriate baby-sitter must accompany all children under the age of six (6) years old. Garbage ~ The storage, collection and disposal of refuse and garbage in the recreational camping areas shall be conducted as to create no health hazards, rodent harborage, insect breeding areas, accident or fire hazards, or air pollution. Bag all food garbage in plastic and tie shut before placing in the dumpster, to prevent odor and rodents which are drawn to the garbage area, such as skunks, raccoons etc. Dumpster is for normal daily household garbage, no large boxes, building supplies, carpets etc. Camper is to dispose of this type of garbage elsewhere. Garbage may be placed in dumpsters only. If a dumpster is full, do not place garbage on or around the dumpster, find an empty dumpster to place your garbage into. Bags of garbage may not be set outside your camper for any reason. Disposal or deposit of hazardous or toxic waste is prohibited. No gas, oil, batteries, or car fluids may be deposited into the dumpsters or around the dumpsters. Hazardous materials will not be disposed of by the garbage service. Disposal or deposit of furniture, barbeque grills, washer, dryers, and other large household items are NOT permitted on, in or around the dumpsters. Holding Tanks ~ There is no size restriction on holding tanks, however, they must be opaque XX xxxx/black water approved tanks. The on-site dump station may be used to empty tanks that hold 50 gallons or less. For tanks over 50 gallons Camper must contract with a pumping service to pump and remove tank contents from campground. No dumping of xxxx water onto the ground. Docks ~ Campground does NOT have a lifeguard on duty. The docks are privately owned. In order to be on someone's dock you must receive permission from the dock owner. An adult must accompany all children on the docks after dark. Life jackets are required for young children fishing off docks. Running, diving, and/or horseplay are not allowed on the docks. All debris and toys must be removed from the docks, beach and marina area. Inappropriate behavior, intoxication or shouting on docks is not allowed. Glass is not allowed on the beach area. Jet skies, wave runners, etc. are not permitted in the marina area. Tires cannot be left in the marina area under boats or tied onto docks. Fish House ~ Clean up fish cleaning facility when done with your fish cleaning and bag all fish remains. Fish cleaning house must be kept clean and all fish waste must be put into plastic bags and deposited into dumpster and cover on dumpster closed. No dumping of fish wastes into marina or dog waste stations! Swimming Pool ~ Campers are required to abide by all rules posted in and around the pool area.

  • Food Although food may be served at a program being paid for with grant funds, the food may not be purchased with grant or matching funds.

  • Dinner Dinner reimbursement may be claimed only if the employee is away from his/her temporary or permanent work station in a travel status overnight or is required to remain in a travel status until after 7:00 P.M.

  • KITCHEN  Discard all leftover food in large trash receptacle in kitchen and empty any smaller trash receptacles if used into large trash can in kitchen.  Empty large trash bin into the dumpster, (if feasible). If not, please notify front desk.  Flatware is to be pre-soaked, washed in dishwasher, dried, returned to drawers and placed facing in the same direction.  Dishes, glassware, chopping boards, cooking utensils, pots/pans, baking sheets etc. should be washed in accordance with the instructions on the dish washing machine and returned DRY to dish carts and cupboards. Please check for lipstick/chap stick marks and clean those off accordingly before putting glasses/cups away.  Wipe down outside of dishwasher, empty dishwasher food trap into trash and wash out.  Counters and sinks wiped down with the water and bleach solution.  If used, please wipe inside and out microwave oven; wall/warming ovens, inside the refrigerator and refrigerator door.  Run garbage disposal in large double sink by dishwashing machine to clear food waste (Please do not put any food waste in small sinks).  Wipe out Alto-Shaam (Warming Ovens) and clean food trays if used.  Rinse out any Dish Tubs.  Empty any tubs of excess ice outside, if used.  Sweep floor of food debris.  Empty large trash bin into the dumpster (if feasible). If not please notify front desk. B BQ’s:  Make sure propane is turned off after use  Clean grill racks with wire brush and wipe up any spills /food debris from the BBQ  Leave outside to cool.  Please check with Front Desk regarding storage of cold and cleaned BBQ’s PATIO:  Return outdoor umbrellas and furniture to original positions.  Wipe down outdoor furniture if spills have occurred.  Dispose of trash/food waste and cigarette butts in trash receptacles. The following applies if any food and/or beverages have been served in these rooms: GREAT ROOM:  Wipe down tables with bleach /water solution. (Located under the sink in the kitchen next to the coffee maker).  If linens have been used or rented, please shake off any food debris in trash receptacles and place linens in mesh bags provided. Sorting by color or type is not necessary.  Notify front desk of any beverage spills as soon as they occur.  Empty any trash receptacles into large trash can in kitchen and then empty that into the dumpster (if feasible). If not please notify front desk.  Sweep/Vacuum carpet of any food debris. (These items are located in the cupboard next to Men’s restroom.

  • UNIFORMS AND CLOTHING (a) Each employee shall receive a standard uniform issue as defined in the Vermont State Police Operations Manual, which shall include a dress blouse.

  • Cooking The University will permit cooking only in the designated kitchen areas of the University Housing. In all other areas, cooking is permitted only with University approved appliances. The following appliances are prohibited: toaster ovens, microwave ovens larger than 800 xxxxx, refrigerators larger than 4.2 cubic feet, gas grills, steamers and any open-flame cooking device or heating unit. For a complete list please reference the Residential Handbook.

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