Termination or Layoff Sample Clauses

Termination or Layoff. If a covered employee is laid off or terminated, he shall continue to receive hospital and medical insurance coverage for the remainder of the month of termination or layoff.
Termination or Layoff. If an employee is terminated or laid off, he shall be paid all accrued and unused vacation, plus pro-rated vacation based on the number of months completed from the employee's anniversary date to the date of such termination or layoff and divided by twelve (12) to include accrued but unusual All Purpose Days.
Termination or Layoff. (a) An employee who voluntarily terminates his employment will be provided his final pay on the next regular pay day. An employee who is laid off will have his final pay mailed to his last known address on record with the Employer by registered mail within five (5) working days of termination. Providing the Employer is notified within forty-eight (48) hours that this Article is not being complied with, the employee will be entitled to four (4) hours at the straight time rate for each normal work day of non-compliance thereafter. An employee who is discharged shall be provided with his final pay immediately if the Employer's pay facilities are on site or as per article if the Employer's pay facilities are not on site, Employers will provide one hour's notice of layoff or one hour's pay in lieu of notice to employees who are to be laid off.

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  • Termination This Agreement may be terminated at any time prior to the Closing: