CAD Sample Clauses

CAD. 10 Best Buy Canada, Ltd. has access to an inventory financing facility totaling US$25 million. The amount shown above reflects the amount included in other current liabilities as of the quarter ended September 1, 2007.
CAD. Employer agrees to supply each employee with a copy of the Agreement. An employee upon hiring shall be provided with a statement of his and employment as to the of the appointment.
CAD. The leadership of this Directorate has been appointed from qualified multidisciplinary administrative staff. The existing technical setup of the DOWR has also been realigned into directorates for IWRM and for irrigation infrastructure planning, development and management.11
CAD. (a) if in CAD (in respect of Advances made by the Sydney Branch) to the following account (under reference Sims or as specified by the Lender): Bank: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto Account Name: National Australia Bank Limited Account Number: 0000000 SWIFT: XXXXXXXX or such other account from time to time notified in writing by the Lender.
CAD. 1. Contractor’s dispatch center will continue to utilize the Central Square CAD software for dispatching all ambulances in Stanislaus County. Contractor is responsible for all costs related to change order requests. In the event that there are any changes in CAD vendors, MVEMSA must be consulted and approve such change.

Related to CAD

  • pounds For the right to have pet(s) on the Premises the Landlord shall charge a fee of $[PET FEE] that is ☐ non-refundable ☐ refundable unless there are damages related to the pet. The Tenant is responsible for all damage that any pet causes, regardless of ownership of said pet and agrees to restore the Premises to its original condition at their expense. ☐ - Shall not have the right to have pets on the Premises or in the common areas.

  • Dollars The term “

  • Tool Allowance The Company agrees to arrange with a Tool Supplier for the purchase of tools required in the performance of a trade for each Skilled Trades employee. The Company further agrees to pay for a tool allowance annually up to three hundred ($300.00) dollars. Employees will be allowed to carry over to the next year, any unused portion of the annual $300.00. In addition, the Company agrees to pay the cost of license renewals for Skilled Trades when required by law.

  • Canadian Dollars All references herein to dollar amounts are to lawful money of Canada.

  • Meal Allowance A shift worker who works a qualifying shift of eight hours or the rostered shift, whichever is the greater, and who is required to work more than one hour beyond the end of the shift (excluding any break for a meal) shall be paid a meal allowance of $7.95, or, at the option of the employer, be provided with a meal.

  • Egypt Egyptian British Bank S A.E. (as delegate of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited) Estonia Hansabank Finland Merita Bank Plc. France BNP Paribas, S.A. Germany Dresdner Bank AG Ghana Barclays Bank of Ghana Limited Greece National Bank of Greece S.A. Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank Hungary Citibank Rt. Iceland Icebank Ltd. STATE STREET SCHEDULE A GLOBAL CUSTODY NETWORK SUBCUSTODIANS COUNTRY SUBCUSTODIAN India Deutsche Bank AG The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Indonesia Standard Chartered Bank Ireland Bank of Ireland Israel Bank Hapoalim B.M. Italy BNP Paribas, Italian Branch Ivory Coast Societe Generale de Banques en Cote d'Ivoire

  • High Availability Registry Operator will conduct its operations using network and geographically diverse, redundant servers (including network-­‐level redundancy, end-­‐node level redundancy and the implementation of a load balancing scheme where applicable) to ensure continued operation in the case of technical failure (widespread or local), or an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance beyond the control of the Registry Operator. Registry Operator’s emergency operations department shall be available at all times to respond to extraordinary occurrences.

  • Meal Allowances Employees assigned to be in travel status between the employee's temporary or permanent work station and a field assignment shall be reimbursed for the actual cost of meals including a reasonable gratuity. Employees must meet the following conditions to be eligible for meal reimbursement:

  • Boot Allowance The District will pay $180 toward the purchase and/or repair of work boots for District Employees listed in the District’s Work Apparel Policy and/or at the discretion of the employee’s department manager. Payment will be made by the first full paycheck of the employee’s date of hire and annually thereafter. Boots must meet applicable OSHA standards for the duties assigned.

  • Mileage Allowance 1. The mileage allowance is forty-four cents ($.44) per mile, or the federal rate whichever is less.