U.S Sample Clauses

U.S and “United States” shall mean the United States of America, including its territories and possessions.
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U.S or “United States” means the United States of America and all of its territories and possessions.
U.S or “United States” shall mean the United States of America.
U.S or “USA” means the United States of America, including all possessions and territories thereof.
U.S. US dollars--***). Said Base Price has been calculated with reference to the Reference Price indicated by CFM International of US $ *** as defined by the Reference Composite Price Index of *** and in accordance with economic conditions prevailing in ***. Said Reference Price is subject to adjustment to the date of delivery of the A340 Aircraft in accordance with the CFM International Price Revision Formula set forth in Exhibit "H-2" of this Agreement.
U.S. – means United States of America.
U.S upon the commencement (first dosing of the first patient) of the first Phase 3 Clinical Trial;
U.S. Litigation means the class action and other proceedings pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, under the caption In Re: Optical Disk Drive Products Antitrust Litigation 3:10-md-02143-RS, including but not limited to all actions transferred by the Judicial Panel for Multidistrict Litigation for coordination involving similar allegations relating to ODD and ODD Products.
U.S and “United States” means the United States of America, its territories, possessions and other areas subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America;
U.S. “U.S. dollars”, “USD” or “United States Dollars” denotes the lawful currency for the time being of the United States of America.