Attends Sample Clauses

Attends regular review meetings with Licensee operational personnel and senior management that may fall outside defined weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings. These meetings may include any levels of Licensee staff (Operational and Management).
Attends all practice sessions and contests/events the season set by the IHSA or school district, unless excused by the Athletic Director.
Attends all meetings of the Stewardship and Finance Committee, unless otherwise directed. Attends all meetings of Church Council to present the financial report and all church staff meetings.
Attends. Clinical Care reviews and Team Meetings to discuss patients’ physical health care as required.
Attends unit meetings, in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of gathering information required to perform job functions.
Attends a meeting of the Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors, as necessary, not to exceed one (1) per season.

Related to Attends

  • Meeting Attendance The Contractor shall attend such meetings of the Town relative to the Scope of Work set forth in Exhibit A as may be requested by the Town. Any requirement made by the named representatives of the Town shall be given with reasonable notice to the Contractor so that a representative may attend.

  • Meeting A copy of the decision shall be sent to the grievant and to the UFF grievance representative if the grievant elected self-representation or representation by legal counsel.

  • Attendance Each Member shall use all reasonable efforts to cause its Representatives or Alternate Representatives to attend each meeting of the Management Committee, unless its Representatives are unable to do so because of a "force majeure" event or other event beyond his reasonable control, in which event such Member shall use all reasonable efforts to cause its Representatives or Alternate Representatives to participate in the meeting by telephone pursuant to Section 6.02(h).

  • Meeting Rooms When available, and upon receipt of adequate notice and request, the employer shall provide meeting room space for bargaining agent meetings with bargaining unit personnel in accordance with campus regulations.

  • Convening of Meeting The Issuer may convene a Meeting at any time, and shall be obliged to do so upon the request in writing of Noteholders holding not less than one tenth of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Notes.

  • Quorum At any meeting of the Trustees a majority of the Trustees then in office shall constitute a quorum. Any meeting may be adjourned from time to time by a majority of the votes cast upon the question, whether or not a quorum is present, and the meeting may be held as adjourned without further notice.

  • Adjourned Meeting The Chairman may, with the consent of (and shall if directed by) any Meeting, adjourn such Meeting from time to time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned Meeting except business which might lawfully have been transacted at the Meeting from which the adjournment took place.