At a Meeting Sample Clauses

At a Meeting. Unless specifically provided otherwise by law or this Agreement, whenever the Board is entitled to vote on any matter or exercise any power under this Agreement, such matter shall be considered approved or consented to upon the receipt of the affirmative vote of at least a majority of all Directors entitled to vote thereon, with each Director having one (1)
At a Meeting. Unless specifically provided otherwise in this Agreement, whenever the Members are entitled to vote on any matter under the Act or this Agreement, such matter shall be considered approved or consented to upon the receipt of the affirmative vote at a meeting at which a quorum is present, of the Member(s) holding at least a majority Percentage Interest calculated with reference to all Members entitled to vote thereon at such meeting; provided that any Major Decision shall be considered approved or consented to only as provided by Section 6.3(a).
At a Meeting the Chairman shall preside. If the Chairman is absent the Deputy Chairman, or, where a Deputy Chairman has not been appointed, the Chairman’s nominee, shall preside. If both the Chairman and Deputy Chairman (if appointed) or Chairman’s nominee are absent, the members in attendance shall choose one of their number to preside.
At a Meeting the Manager shall conduct the business of the meeting and record the actions taken in minutes that shall be kept and maintained with the books and records of the Company.

Related to At a Meeting

  • Initial Meeting (a) The parties must meet within 10 Business Days after the date of delivery of the dispute notice and attempt to resolve the dispute.

  • TAC Meetings The goal of this subtask is for the TAC to provide strategic guidance for the project by participating in regular meetings, which may be held via teleconference. The Recipient shall: • Discuss the TAC meeting schedule with the CAM at the Kick-off meeting. Determine the number and location of meetings (in-person and via teleconference) in consultation with the CAM. • Prepare a TAC Meeting Schedule that will be presented to the TAC members during recruiting. Revise the schedule after the first TAC meeting to incorporate meeting comments. • Prepare a TAC Meeting Agenda and TAC Meeting Back-up Materials for each TAC meeting. • Organize and lead TAC meetings in accordance with the TAC Meeting Schedule. Changes to the schedule must be pre-approved in writing by the CAM. • Prepare TAC Meeting Summaries that include any recommended resolutions of major TAC issues. The TAC shall: • Help set the project team's goals and contribute to the development and evaluation of its statement of proposed objectives as the project evolves. • Provide a credible and objective sounding board on the wide range of technical and financial barriers and opportunities. • Help identify key areas where the project has a competitive advantage, value proposition, or strength upon which to build. • Advocate on behalf of the project in its effort to build partnerships, governmental support and relationships with a national spectrum of influential leaders. • Ask probing questions that insure a long-term perspective on decision-making and progress toward the project’s strategic goals. • Review and provide comments to proposed project performance metrics. • Review and provide comments to proposed project Draft Technology Transfer Plan. Products: • TAC Meeting Schedule (draft and final) • TAC Meeting Agendas (draft and final) • TAC Meeting Back-up Materials • TAC Meeting Summaries

  • Notice of a Meeting Notice of a meeting called pursuant to Section 13.4 shall be given to the Record Holders of the class or classes of Units for which a meeting is proposed in writing by mail or other means of written communication in accordance with Section 16.1. The notice shall be deemed to have been given at the time when deposited in the mail or sent by other means of written communication.

  • Meeting of Shareholders 8.1.1 Rome will (i) take all steps necessary to duly call, give notice of, convene and hold a special meeting of its shareholders as promptly as practicable after the Merger Registration Statement is declared effective by the SEC, for the purpose of considering this Agreement and the Merger (the “Rome Shareholders Meeting”), (ii) in connection with the solicitation of proxies with respect to the Rome Shareholders Meeting, have its Board of Directors recommend approval of this Agreement to the Rome shareholders; and (iii) cooperate and consult with BHB with respect to each of the foregoing matters. The Board of Directors of Rome may fail to make such a recommendation referred to in clause (ii) above, or withdraw, modify or change any such recommendation only if such Board of Directors, after having consulted with and considered the advice of its financial and legal advisors, has determined that the making of such recommendation, or the failure to withdraw, modify or change its recommendation, would constitute a breach of the fiduciary duties of such directors under applicable law.

  • Special Meeting Special meetings of the stockholders may be called only by such persons and only in such manner as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation. No business may be transacted at any special meeting of stockholders other than the business specified in the notice of such meeting. The Board may postpone, reschedule or cancel any previously scheduled special meeting of stockholders.

  • Meeting A copy of the decision shall be sent to the grievant and to the UFF grievance representative if the grievant elected self-representation or representation by legal counsel.

  • Final Meeting The goal of this subtask is to complete the closeout of this Agreement. The Recipient shall: • Meet with Energy Commission staff to present project findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The final meeting must be completed during the closeout of this Agreement. This meeting will be attended by the Recipient and CAM, at a minimum. The meeting may occur in person or by electronic conferencing (e.g., WebEx), with approval of the CAM. The technical and administrative aspects of Agreement closeout will be discussed at the meeting, which may be divided into two separate meetings at the CAM’s discretion. o The technical portion of the meeting will involve the presentation of findings, conclusions, and recommended next steps (if any) for the Agreement. The CAM will determine the appropriate meeting participants. o The administrative portion of the meeting will involve a discussion with the CAM and the CAO of the following Agreement closeout items:  Disposition of any state-owned equipment.  Need to file a Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement (Form UCC-1) regarding the Energy Commission’s interest in patented technology.  The Energy Commission’s request for specific “generated” data (not already provided in Agreement products).  Need to document the Recipient’s disclosure of “subject inventions” developed under the Agreement.  “Surviving” Agreement provisions such as repayment provisions and confidential products.  Final invoicing and release of retention. • Prepare a Final Meeting Agreement Summary that documents any agreement made between the Recipient and Commission staff during the meeting.

  • Voting at Meetings Questions arising at any meeting of directors are to be decided by a majority of votes and, in the case of an equality of votes, the chair of the meeting does not have a second or casting vote.

  • Public Meetings The Governing Board is subject to and shall comply with the Open and Public Meetings Act, O.C.G.A. § 50-14-1 et seq., and any subsequent amendment thereof. The Governing Board shall conduct regular meetings consistent with principles of transparency and avoidance of actual or apparent conflicts of interest in the governance of the Charter School.

  • Kick-off Meeting The goal of this subtask is to establish the lines of communication and procedures for implementing this Agreement. The Recipient shall: • Attend a “Kick-off” meeting with the CAM, the Commission Agreement Officer (CAO), and any other Energy Commission staff relevant to the Agreement. The Recipient will bring its Project Manager and any other individuals designated by the CAM to this meeting. The administrative and technical aspects of the Agreement will be discussed at the meeting. Prior to the meeting, the CAM will provide an agenda to all potential meeting participants. The meeting may take place in person or by electronic conferencing (e.g., WebEx), with approval of the CAM. The administrative portion of the meeting will include discussion of the following: o Terms and conditions of the Agreement; o Administrative products (subtask 1.1); o CPR meetings (subtask 1.3); o Match fund documentation (subtask 1.7); o Permit documentation (subtask 1.8); o Subcontracts (subtask 1.9); and o Any other relevant topics. The technical portion of the meeting will include discussion of the following: o The CAM’s expectations for accomplishing tasks described in the Scope of Work;