Amendment Procedure Sample Clauses

Amendment Procedure a) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this Section 11.3, this Declaration may be amended, after a majority of the Trustees have approved a resolution therefor, by the affirmative vote of the holders of not less than a majority of the affected Shares. The Trustees also may amend this Declaration without any vote of Shareholders of any class of series to divide the Shares of the Trust into one or more classes or additional classes, or one or more series of any such class or classes, to change the name of the Trust or any class or series of Shares, to make any change that does not adversely affect the relative rights or preferences of any Shareholder, as they may deem necessary, or to conform this Declaration to the requirements of the 1940 Act or any other applicable federal laws or regulations including pursuant to Section 6.2 or the requirements of the regulated investment company provisions of the Code, but the Trustees shall not be liable for failing to do so. (b) No amendment may be made to Section 2.1, Section 2.2, Section 2.3, Section 3.9, Section 5.1, Section 5.2, Section 11.2(a), this Section 11.3, Section 11.4, Section 11.6 or Section 11.7 of this Declaration and no amendment may be made to this Declaration which would change any rights with respect to any Shares of the Trust by reducing the amount payable thereon upon liquidation of the Trust or by diminishing or eliminating any voting rights pertaining thereto (except that this provision shall not limit the ability of the Trustees to authorize, and to cause the Trust to issue, other securities pursuant to Section 6.2), except after a majority of the Trustees have approved a resolution therefor, by the affirmative vote of the holders of not less than seventy-five percent (75%) of the Shares of each affected class or series outstanding, voting as separate classes or series, unless such amendment has been approved by 80% of the Trustees, in which case approval by a Majority Shareholder Vote shall be required. Nothing contained in this Declaration shall permit the amendment of this Declaration to impair the exemption from personal liability of the Shareholders, Trustees, officers, employees and agents of the Trust or to permit assessments upon Shareholders. (c) An amendment duly adopted by the requisite vote of the Board of Trustees and, if required, the Shareholders as aforesaid, shall become effective at the time of such adoption or at such other time as may be designated by the Board of Trust...
Amendment Procedure. All rights granted to the Shareholders under this Declaration of are granted subject to the reservation of the right to amend this Declaration as herein provided, except that no amendment shall repeal or adversely affect the limitation on personal liability of any Shareholder or Trustee, or the prohibition of assessment upon the Shareholders except as herein provided, without the express consent of each Shareholder or Trustee involved. Subject to the foregoing, this Declaration may be amended at any time by the Trustees, except that the Trustees may not amend this Declaration to eliminate the rights of Shareholders of any Class or Series to vote on any amendment of this Declaration or the By-Laws or alter or amend the percentage of voting shares required to approve any amendment or action which requires a Shareholder vote under this Declaration or the By-Laws unless an equivalent vote has authorized such an amendment of the Declaration or By-Laws. To the extent that the Trustees authorize and issue Preferred Shares of any Class or Series, they are hereby authorized and empowered to amend or supplement this Declaration, including an amendment or modification to the rights of any Outstanding Shares at the time of such amendment or supplement, as they deem necessary or appropriate, including to comply with the requirements of the 1940 Act or requirements imposed by the rating agencies or other Persons, all without the approval of Shareholders. Except for any amendment in connection with the establishment of the rights, preference and limitation of a new Class or Series of Shares, any amendment which adversely affects the holders of one or more Classes or Series of Shares shall require a vote of the Shareholders holding a majority of the Shares of each Class or Series so adversely affected and entitled to vote thereon and no vote of Shareholders of any Class or Series not so adversely affected shall be required, except that any amendment of any provision of
Amendment Procedure. Except for Premium rate changes, CareFirst BlueChoice will amend this Agreement to implement modifications made pursuant to Section 6.22 by mailing a notice of the amendment(s) to the Subscriber, via first class mail or electronically if the Member has consented to receive such notices via electronic mail, before the date of the next annual open enrollment period. If the material modification required by law is made at a time other than renewal, and if it affects the content of the summary of benefits and coverage, CareFirst BlueChoice will provide advance notice at least sixty (60) days before the effective date of the modification. No agent or other person, except an officer of CareFirst BlueChoice, has the authority to waive any conditions or restrictions of the Agreement or to bind CareFirst BlueChoice by making any promise or representation or by giving or receiving any information. No change in the Agreement will be binding on CareFirst BlueChoice, unless evidenced by an amendment signed by an authorized representative of CareFirst BlueChoice.
Amendment Procedure. Except as provided in Section 14.1, all amendments to this Agreement shall be made in accordance with the following requirements. If an amendment is proposed, the Managing General Partner shall seek the written consent of the requisite Percentage Interests . A proposed amendment shall be effective upon its approval by a Majority Interest unless a greater percentage is required by the Amendment. The Managing General Partner shall notify all Partners upon final adoption of any proposed amendment. If consent to the taking of any action by the Partners is solicited by any Person other than by or on behalf of the Managing General Partner, the written consents shall have no force and effect unless and until (a) they are deposited with the Partnership in care of the Managing General Partner, (b) consent sufficient to take the action proposed are dated as of a date not more than 90 days prior to the date sufficient consents are deposited with the Partnership, and (c) an Option of Counsel is delivered to the Managing General Partner to the effect that the exercise of such right and the action proposed to be taken with respect to any particular matter (i) would not jeopardize the status of the Partnership as a partnership under applicable tax laws and regulations and (ii) is otherwise permissible under the sate statutes then governing the rights, duties and liabilities of the Partnership and the Partners.
Amendment Procedure. This Agreement may only be modified or amended by the unanimous written consent of the Members.
Amendment Procedure. The Partners may at any time and from time to time amend this Agreement by executing a written amendment signed by authorized representatives of all Persons who are Partners at such time.
Amendment Procedure. Amendments to Exhibit A to reflect actions taken pursuant to Section 5.3 may be made by the Board of Managers. Any other amendment or modification to this Agreement may be made only upon the written consent of all Class A Members.
Amendment Procedure. The Trustees may by vote of a majority of the Trustees then in office amend or otherwise supplement the Declaration of Trust by making an amendment, a Declaration of Trust supplemental hereto or an amended and restated Declaration of Trust, provided however Section 8.1 may not be amended without the consent of the President. Nothing contained in this Declaration of Trust shall permit the amendment of this Declaration of Trust to impair the exemption from personal liability of any Person who is or has been a Shareholder, Trustee, officer or employee of the Trust, or limit the rights to indemnification or insurance provided in this Declaration of Trust with respect to actions or omissions of persons entitled to indemnification under such Article prior to such amendment. The Trust’s Certificate of Trust may be amended at any time for any purpose as the Trustees may determine and such amendment shall be signed by one or more of the Trustees or by an officer of the Trust as duly authorized by vote of a majority of the Trustees then in office.
Amendment Procedure. This Constitution may be amended by a decision of the Parliamentary Assembly, including a two-thirds majority of those present and voting in the House of Representatives.