Access to the Products Sample Clauses

Access to the Products. To enable Us to efficiently perform the Support, You shall provide Us with sufficient, free, and safe remote access to the Products, Your computer systems, and networks, and if mutually agreed, to on-site support at Your location or facilities. Your failure to provide such access or information may delay the Support and/or result in Our inability to perform the Support; in such cases, We shall not be liable for any consequences related to, or resulting from, such delay or failure to perform.
Access to the Products. 4.3.1 The Data Consumer will complete a mandatory Subscriber Application Form, either electronically or a hard copy as the case may be, and such form will be submitted to LNRM;
Access to the Products. 3.1 HCN hereby grants to Customer the non-transferable, non-exclusive limited right to gain computerised access to the Products which are produced and copyrighted by certain database producers, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Customer will use the Products only for internal purposes or personal research or training in the manner of using the Products (the “Permitted Use”), will not use the Products as a component of, or basis for, a directory, database, or other publication prepared for sale or for another form of commercial distribution, and will not redistribute, duplicate or alter the Products in any way.
Access to the Products. A. You are required to provide your full legal name, a valid email address, and any other information reasonably requested by Licensor in order to use the Products.
Access to the Products. Customers will only be granted access to the Products after successful completion of a registration and verification process via clicking “I accept’’ on the three bullet points presented on the Website. Once a Customer has been successfully registered, such Customer may designate certain staff, or employees or other persons over which it has control, to, in conjunction with his/her/ itself, make use of the Products.

Related to Access to the Products

  • Access to the Property At such times as COUNTY and PURCHASER may mutually agree prior to the closing, COUNTY shall provide to PURCHASER or to its employees, agents, and contractors: (i) reasonable access to the Property and to the books, records, and personnel of COUNTY relating thereto for the purpose of making any surveys, inspections, or investigations permitted by this Agreement; and (ii) such information regarding the Property as PURCHASER or its employees, agents, and contractors may reasonably request. PURCHASER shall promptly repair any damage to the Property caused by its or any such person(s) entry upon the Property and shall hold COUNTY harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and court costs) arising out of or in connection with any such entry upon the Property.

  • Access to the Site ‌ Except to the extent prohibited by applicable Law or any Consent, the City shall grant to the Supplier non-exclusive, timely and in accordance with any agreed schedule, access (as the City is reasonably able to provide) to all necessary areas of the Site on and from the Effective Date and such other non-exclusive access as is necessary or appropriate to perform the Supply and the Supplier’s other obligations in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Access to PHI Business Associate shall provide access to PHI in a Designated Record Set to Covered Entity or as directed by Covered Entity to an Individual to meet the requirements under 45 CFR § 164.524. Business Associate shall provide such access in the time and manner reasonably designated by Covered Entity. Within three (3) business days, Business Associate shall forward to Covered Entity for handling any request for access to PHI that Business Associate directly receives from an Individual.

  • Access to Site 3.05.1 Contractor may enter and leave the premises at all reasonable times without charge. Contractor and its employees may use the common areas and roadways of the premises where it is to perform the services together with all facilities, equipment, improvements, and services provided in connection with the premises for common use. This excludes parking for Contractor’s personnel. Contractor shall repair any damage caused by it or its employees as a result of its use of the common areas.

  • Access to NID TWTC may access the customer’s premises wiring by any of the following means and TWTC shall not disturb the existing form of electrical protection and shall maintain the physical integrity of the NID:

  • Access to Facilities Each of the Company and each of its Subsidiaries will permit any representatives designated by the Purchaser (or any successor of the Purchaser), upon reasonable notice and during normal business hours, at such person's expense and accompanied by a representative of the Company, to: