Access to the Products Sample Clauses

Access to the Products. To enable Us to efficiently perform the Support, You shall provide Us with sufficient, free, and safe remote access to the Products, Your computer systems, and networks, and if mutually agreed, to on-site support at Your location or facilities. Your failure to provide such access or information may delay the Support and/or result in Our inability to perform the Support; in such cases, We shall not be liable for any consequences related to, or resulting from, such delay or failure to perform.
Access to the Products. A. You are required to provide your full legal name, a valid email address, and any other information reasonably requested by Licensor in order to use the Products.
Access to the Products. Customers will only be granted access to the Products after successful completion of a registration and verification process via clicking “I accept’’ on the three bullet points presented on the Website. Once a Customer has been successfully registered, such Customer may designate certain staff, or employees or other persons over which it has control, to, in conjunction with his/her/ itself, make use of the Products.
Access to the Products. 3.1 HCN hereby grants to Customer the non-transferable, non-exclusive limited right to gain computerised access to the Products which are produced and copyrighted by certain database producers, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Customer will use the Products only for internal purposes or personal research or training in the manner of using the Products (the “Permitted Use”), will not use the Products as a component of, or basis for, a directory, database, or other publication prepared for sale or for another form of commercial distribution, and will not redistribute, duplicate or alter the Products in any way.

Related to Access to the Products

  • Access to Property Borrower shall permit agents, representatives and employees of Lender to inspect the Property or any part thereof at reasonable hours upon reasonable advance notice, subject to the rights of Tenants under their respective Leases.