Access Service Request (ASR) Sample Clauses

Access Service Request (ASR). Positive acknowledgment of receipt of a non-valid ASR will be made within two business days, provided the ASR is received before 3PM Eastern Standard Time (1PM Mountain Standard Time.) The start time for determining the FOC interval will commence with receipt of a valid ASR. A non-valid ASR will not start the FOC interval.

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Service Requests The Company and SCANA Services will prepare a Service Request on or before April 1 of each year listing services to be provided to the Company by SCANA Services and any special arrangements related to the provision of such services for the coming year, based on services provided during the past year. The Company and SCANA Services may supplement the Service Request during the year to reflect any additional or special services that the Company wishes to obtain from SCANA Services, and the arrangements relating thereto.
Data Access Services State Street agrees to make available to the Fund the Data Access Services subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and such data access operating standards and procedures as may be issued by State Street from time to time. The Fund shall be able to access the System to (i) originate electronic instructions to State Street in order to (a) effect the transfer or movement of cash or securities held under custody by State Street or (b) transmit accounting or other information (the transactions described in (i)(a) and (i)(b) above are referred to herein as “Client Originated Electronic Financial Instructions”), and (ii) access data for the purpose of reporting and analysis, which shall all be deemed to be Data Access Services for purposes of this Addendum.
REMOTE ACCESS SERVICES ADDENDUM The Custodian and each Fund agree to be bound by the terms of the Remote Access Services Addendum hereto.
System and Data Access Services a.System. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Addendum and solely for the purpose of providing access to Fund Data as set forth herein, State Street hereby agrees to provide the Fund, or certain third parties approved by State Street that serve as the Fund`s investment advisors, investment managers or fund accountants (the "Fund Accountants") or as the Fund`s independent auditors (the "Auditor"), with access to State Street`s Multicurrency HORIZONR Accounting System and the other information systems described in Attachment A (collectively, the "System") on a remote basis solely on the computer hardware, system software and telecommunication links described in Attachment B (the "Designated Configuration") or on any designated substitute or back-up equipment configuration consented to in writing by State Street, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld.
Data Access Services Agreement The Custodian and each Fund agree to be bound by the terms of that certain Data Access Services Agreement dated March 7, 2008, with respect to the Custodian’s services hereunder. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and the Data Access Services Agreement, this Agreement shall govern.
The Performance Improvement Process (a) The Performance Improvement Process will focus on the risks of non-performance and problem-solving. It may include one or more of the following actions:
Bona Fide Request/New Business Request Process for Further Unbundling 6.1 BellSouth shall, upon request of <<customer_name>>, provide to <<customer_name>> access to its network elements at any technically feasible point for the provision of <<customer_name>>'s telecommunications service where such access is necessary and failure to provide access would impair the ability of <<customer_name>> to provide services that it seeks to offer. Any request by <<customer_name>> for access to a network element, interconnection option, or for the provisioning of any service or product that is not already available shall be treated as a Bona Fide Request/New Business Request (BFR/NBR), and shall be submitted to BellSouth pursuant to the BFR/NBR process.
Advance Request To obtain a Term Loan Advance, Borrower shall complete, sign and deliver an Advance Request (at least three (3) Business Days before the Advance Date other than the Closing Date, which shall be at least one (1) Business Day) to Agent. Lender shall fund the Term Loan Advance in the manner requested by the Advance Request provided that each of the conditions precedent to such Term Loan Advance is satisfied as of the requested Advance Date.
Verizon OSS Services 8.2.1 Upon request by CBB, Verizon shall provide to CBB Verizon OSS Services. Such Verizon OSS Services will be provided in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law.
Service Overview Contractor agrees to provide to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) the services described herein.