Financial Statements Date definition

Financial Statements Date shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.7.
Financial Statements Date shall have the meaning provided in Section 6.11.
Financial Statements Date means September 30, 2017.

Examples of Financial Statements Date in a sentence

  • The Operator of a gas gathering pipeline shall prepare and maintain an integrity management plan in conformance with 49 CFR § 192, Subpart O.

  • The dataset generation took into account modelling the different kinds of building elements as well as additional cases for including openings and reinforcement.

  • There shall have been no Material Adverse Effect since the Financial Statements Date.

  • Since the Financial Statements Date, none of the Group Companies has incurred any taxes, assessments or governmental charges other than in the ordinary course of business and each Group Company has made adequate provisions on its books of account for all taxes, assessments and governmental charges with respect to its business, properties and operations for such period.

  • During this time period, we acquired a number of companies, including the following companies that have a significant impact on our business and are discussed in our Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements: Date of closing Company DetailsJanuary 2009 ALGOR, Inc.

More Definitions of Financial Statements Date

Financial Statements Date means June 30, 2019.
Financial Statements Date means March 31, 2017.
Financial Statements Date means January 29, 2005.
Financial Statements Date means December 31, 2018.
Financial Statements Date means, in the case of the Corporation, December 31, 2007 and, in the case of HondaSub, March 31, 2008.
Financial Statements Date means August 31, 2001. -------------------------
Financial Statements Date means December 31, 2007.