Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx definition

Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx an airframe substituted for the Airframe pursuant to § 9 of the Lease.
Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxans the approval of the holders of the Exchangeable Shares to, among other things, the issue by the Corporation, from time to time, of Exchangeable Shares in addition to those shares outstanding on the record date for the Shareholder Meeting, such approval to be given by resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of the votes cast on such resolution at the Shareholder Meeting, as required by and in accordance with the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions attaching to the Exchangeable Shares;
Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx has the meaning given in Clause 21.4;

Examples of Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx in a sentence

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, Fax #000-000-0000.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, Fax #000-000-0000; And a copy to Xxxxxxx X.

  • The information requested in this ARTICLE XX must be submitted to DHS’ Office of Contract Administration, 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, 00000, within thirty (30) days after execution of this Agreement.

  • If, at the conclusion of the appeals process, the complainant has not been satisfied with the response, a formal complaint may then be addressed directly to the DEO at: Department of Economic Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, MSC-400 000 X Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 The Florida Office of Long-Term Resiliency operates in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988).

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Dated at Timmins, Ontario, this 9th day of July, 2013.

  • Two Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000 Email: Attention: Xxxx Xxxx Sidney Peryar with a copy (prior to the Effective Time) to: Skadden, Arps, Slate, Xxxxxxx & Xxxx LLP Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Email: Attention: Xxxx X.

  • If to the Trust: State Farm Variable Product Trust Xxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000-0000 Attn: Secretary If to the Adviser: State Farm Investment Management Corp.

  • Any notice relating to the Agreement should be sent by personal delivery or U.S. certified mail (return receipt requested) to the address provided below and will be effective upon receipt: Xxxxxx Geospatial Solutions, Inc., ATTN: Contracts Department, 000 Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000, XXX.

  • OIL SYSTEM COMPRISING: Oil Tank, Air Cooled Oil Cooler, Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler, Pressure Oil Filter Element, Air Cooled Oil Cooler Modulating Valve, Scavenge Oil Filter Housing Assembly and Element, Xx. 0 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xx. 0 Bearing Scavenge Pressure Transducer, IDG Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler.

  • Xxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000-0000 Attn: Xxxxx X.

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Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Authorized Signatory Name: Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: President REVOLVER RESOURCES INC. Per: “Xxxxx Xxxxx” Authorized Signatory Name: Xxxxx Xxxxx Title: Director SCHEDULE "A" - DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY See 43-101 Technical Report REVOLVER. XIMEN. - Option Agreement SCHEDULE "B" - MAP See 43-101 Technical Report REVOLVER. XIMEN. - Option Agreement SCHEDULE "C" – NET SMELTER RETURNS ROYALTY
Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx xxxns, with respect to the Lessee, its Chairman, President, any of its corporate Vice Presidents, its corporate Controller, its corporate Treasurer, its corporate Assistant Treasurers or others duly authorized by such Person to execute documents pursuant to Section 4.3(g) of the Lease.
Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx means the notice of the Xxxxxxxxxxx Meeting and accompanying management information circular, including all schedules, appendices and exhibits to, and information incorporated by reference in, such management information circular, to be sent to the Xxxxxxxxxxx Securityholders in connection with the Xxxxxxxxxxx Meeting, as amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;

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  • Xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx a corporation, association, company, joint-stock company or business trust.