Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association definition

Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association. (as defined in §501(c)(9) of the Code) or other funded arrangement for the provision of welfare benefits, or (F) a welfare benefit plan that is self-insured. Neither the Company nor any ERISA Affiliate has incurred any material Liability (including as a result of any indemnification obligation) under Title I or Title IV of ERISA for which the Company would reasonably be expected to be liable, and no condition exists that would reasonably be expected to subject the Company, either directly or by reason of affiliation with an ERISA Affiliate, to any material Tax, fine, Lien, or other Liability imposed by ERISA, the Code, or other applicable Law. No assets of the Company are subject to any Lien under ERISA or the Code. There has been no prohibited transaction described in §406 of XXXXX xx §0000 of the Code for which an exemption is not available with respect to any Employee Plan. To the Knowledge of the Company, no fiduciary, as described in §3(21) of ERISA, of any Employee Plan has any material Liability for breach of fiduciary duty or any other failure to act or comply in connection with the administration or investment of the assets of any Employee Plan.
Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association is defined in Section 3.22(c).
Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association shall have the meaning as defined in Section 2.19(h) of this Agreement.

Related to Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association

  • Participating employee means an employee whose election to participate in a Plan has been approved by the employer.

  • Non-Key Employee means any Employee who is not a Key Employee.

  • Refund beneficiary means an individual nominated by a qualified participant or a former qualified participant under section 66 to receive a distribution of the participant's accumulated balance in the manner prescribed in section 67.

  • Executive Employee means those employees of the Company of Grade Level 10 or above.

  • Disability benefit recipient means a member who is receiving a disability benefit.

  • Participating Employer means any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) which adopts this Plan with the consent of the Company identified in the Adoption Agreement.

  • Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 6.

  • Designated Employee means an employee who has been designated by the school to receive complaints of hazing, harassment and bullying pursuant to subdivision 16 V.S.A. 570a(a)(7). The designated employees for each school building are identified in Appendix A of this policy.

  • Probationary Employee means a first-time Town employee within his/her first six months of employment.

  • Plan Benefit means the benefit payable to a Participant as calculated in Article V.

  • Eligible Executive means a highly compensated or management level employee or Director of the Company selected by the Committee to be eligible to participate in the Plan.

  • Eligible employer means any municipality with a municipal

  • Eligible Employee means an Employee who meets the requirements set forth in the document(s) governing the Offering for eligibility to participate in the Offering, provided that such Employee also meets the requirements for eligibility to participate set forth in the Plan.

  • Plan Participant means an eligible person who arranges a Covered Cruise Vacation and pays any required plan payment.

  • Qualified beneficiary means a beneficiary who, on the date the beneficiary's qualification is determined:

  • Female employee means an employed female who is pregnant or is caring for a child she has borne or a child who has been placed with her for adoption purposes.

  • Income beneficiary means a person to whom net income of a trust is or may be payable.

  • Male employee means an employed male who is caring for a child borne of his spouse or a child placed with the employee for adoption purposes.

  • Former Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has ceased to be a Participant for any reason.

  • Retired Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has become entitled to retirement benefits under the Plan.

  • Qualifying Employee means any employee of Managing Agent or Parent or any of their respective subsidiaries who is and has been an employee of Managing Agent or Parent or any of their respective subsidiaries for at least thirty-six (36) months.

  • School employee means (1) a teacher, substitute teacher, school administrator, school superintendent, guidance counselor, psychologist, social worker, nurse, physician, school paraprofessional or coach employed by a local or regional board of education or working in a public elementary, middle or high school; or (2) any other individual who, in the performance of his or her duties, has regular contact with students and who provides services to or on behalf of students enrolled in a public elementary, middle or high school, pursuant to a contract with the local or regional board of education.

  • The Employer or “The Purchaser” means the "Registrar General, High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur" and the "District Judge" of the District Courts.

  • Employee Account means any brokerage account or unit investment trust account in which the Van Kampen Employee has any direct or indirect beneficial ownership.

  • Accrued Benefit means the amount standing in a Participant's Account(s) as of any date derived from both Employer contributions and Employee contributions, if any.

  • FTR Participant means any Market Participant that provides or is required to provide Collateral in order to participate in PJM’s FTR auctions.