Vicinity definition

Vicinity or “ locality” means the geographic area from which the labor force of the community is drawn.
Vicinity means the area adjacent to, or in the immediate proximity of, each authorized third party’s place of busi- ness.
Vicinity means within 10 metres on trunk roads and laybys and 5 metres in all other locations.

Examples of Vicinity in a sentence

  • Vicinity map depicting the project site location in relationship to recognizable local landmarks, towns, and major roads, such as a USGS topographic quadrangle map or county or municipal road map.

  • Acquisition/Wetland MitigaGrant$1,591,232 $1,591,232Albany Street Stormwater Pond RetrofitSW Rates$215,000 $215,00092nd Court SE RetrofitSW Rates$80,000 $80,000Rochester Vicinity Drainage StudySW Rates$100,000 $100,000Boston Harbor Vicinity Drainage StudySW Rates$100,000 $100,000Boston Harbor Road NE Outfall ReplacementSW Rates$33,000$82,000 $115,000Madrona Beach Road NW Vic.

  • Team Members of Vicinity will be required to complete refresher training on anti-bribery and corruption on an annual basis.

  • The structure and function of the natural systems in the Basin andDEPARTMENT OF DEFENSEDepartment of the Army; Corps of EngineersIntent To Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Providing a Deeper and Wider Navigation Channel to the Port of Iberia Through the Enlargement of Existing Access Channels, in Vermilion and Iberia Parishes in the Vicinity of New Iberia and Intracoastal City, LAAGENCY: Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, DoD.Federal Register / Vol.

  • The 2006 Approved Master Plan for Bowie and Vicinity and Sectional Map Amendment for Planning Areas 71A, 71B, 74A, 74B recommends commercial development for the site, and the sectional map amendment rezoned this property from the R-A to the C-S-C Zone.

More Definitions of Vicinity

Vicinity means a defined airspace around an aerodrome for control of obstacles that may infringe the obstacle limitation surfaces around the aerodrome, contained within a radius of twelve and half kilometres from the aerodrome reference point upto a height of one thousand five hundred feet above ground level;
Vicinity means being near and not remote, but does not have to be adjacent. It does not include sites that are miles apart, but may include sites that are adjacent to each other, across the street from each other, or thousands of feet away from each other, but in the same general area or proximity.
Vicinity means the area encompassing one half mile from the perimeter of a nonhazardous solid waste facility.
Vicinity means an area or place within ten yards of the place where the sound system is placed.
Vicinity means the area surrounding a use in which such use produces a discernible influence by aesthetic appearance, traffic, noise, glare, smoke, or similar influences.
Vicinity or the “Corporation” means Vicinity Motor Corp.;
Vicinity. , aren ’ t you? " Vicinity " means a close area .