Vicinity definition

Vicinity means a distance less than one-half mile.
Vicinity means a situation where it is unlikely that a person will, either directly or through any conducting medium (e.g. via mobile plant), come within the relevant Safe Approach Distances.
Vicinity means the area adjacent to, or in the immediate proximity of, each authorized third party’s place of busi- ness.

Examples of Vicinity in a sentence

Vicinity map, Horseshoe and Bartlett Reservoirs near Phoenix, Arizona.

Two Diaries, the Diary & Journal of Calvin Perry Clark who journeyed by Wagon Train from Plano, Illinois to Denver and Vicinity over the Santa Fe Trail in the Year 1859 together with the Diary of his Sister Helen E.

It is expected that fraud spreads by word-of-mouth, so it may be useful to find those nodes that are very tightly connected to each other.3. Heavy Vicinity: ego-networks that have an extreme weight compared to the num- ber of edges (extracted from EWPL).

The project implements the vision of the Glenn Dale-Seabrook-Lanham and Vicinity Sector Plan and SMA by providing a mixed use of commercial, office, and residential low-, medium-, and high-density development to create a compact and walkable community.

The Vicinity Map will be used for both the environmental and architectural reviews.

More Definitions of Vicinity

Vicinity or “ locality” means the geographic area from which the labor force of the community is drawn.
Vicinity as used in this subpart, means the county or counties in which the military installation to be closed or realigned is located and all adjacent counties, unless otherwise defined by the agency head.
Vicinity means being near and not remote, but does not have to be adjacent. It does not include sites that are miles apart, but may include sites that are adjacent to each other, across the street from each other, or thousands of feet away from each other, but in the same general area or proximity.
Vicinity means a defined airspace around an aerodrome for control of obstacles that may infringe the obstacle limitation surfaces around the aerodrome, contained within a radius of twelve and half kilometres from the aerodrome reference point upto a height of one thousand five hundred feet above ground level;
Vicinity means the area encompassing one half mile from the perimeter of a nonhazardous solid waste facility.
Vicinity means, in rural and resource lands, the area generally within one mile of the exterior boundary of a given parcel. [Ord. 8-06 § 1]
Vicinity. , aren ’ t you? " Vicinity " means a close area .