UNITS 3 AND 4 definition

UNITS 3 AND 4 means, collectively, Unit 0 xxx Unit 4.
UNITS 3 AND 4 means two additional combustion turbine generators, one steam generator and associated facilities authorized to be constructed and operated pursuant to Amendment No. 5 of this Agreement.

Examples of UNITS 3 AND 4 in a sentence

  • ASH SLUICE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM (GENERATING UNITS 3 AND 4) The ash sluice water filtration system is designed to provide treatment to liquid wastes conveyed to the ash settling basin prior to their entering the Ohio River, in order to prevent the infiltration of waterborne pollutants to the river.

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  • Restricted Stock Unit means a bookkeeping entry representing an amount equal to the Fair Market Value of one Share, granted pursuant to Section 8. Each Restricted Stock Unit represents an unfunded and unsecured obligation of the Company.

  • Restricted Stock Units means an Award of stock units subject to such restrictions and conditions as the Administrator may determine at the time of grant.

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  • Company RSU Award means any award of restricted stock units or performance stock units outstanding under the Company Stock Plans.

  • Deferred Stock Units means the number of hypothetical Shares subject to an Election.

  • Restricted Stock Unit Agreement means the agreement consistent with the terms of the Plan between the Company and the recipient of a Restricted Stock Unit that contains the terms, conditions and restrictions pertaining to such Restricted Stock Unit.

  • RSU means a contractual right granted pursuant to Section 9 that is denominated in Shares. Each RSU represents a right to receive the value of one Share (or a percentage of such value) in cash, Shares or a combination thereof. Awards of RSUs may include the right to receive dividend equivalents.

  • Company RSUs means any restricted stock units granted under any of the Company Equity Plans.

  • Company PSUs means any performance-based restricted stock units of the Company, whether granted pursuant to any of the Company Stock Plans or otherwise.

  • Capital Shares Equivalents means any securities, rights, or obligations that are convertible into or exchangeable for or give any right to subscribe for any Capital Shares of the Company or any warrants, options or other rights to subscribe for or purchase Capital Shares or any such convertible or exchangeable securities.

  • Company Restricted Stock Unit means any restricted stock unit award subject to service-based vesting, payable in shares of Company Common Stock or the value of which is determined with reference to the value of shares of Company Common Stock, whether granted under a Company Stock Plan or otherwise.

  • Vesting Agreement means each or any, as the context implies, agreement or instrument entered into by an LTIP Unitholder upon acceptance of an award of LTIP Units under an Equity Incentive Plan.

  • Deferred Stock means a right to receive a specified number of shares of Stock during specified time periods pursuant to Article 8.

  • LTIP Units means a Partnership Unit which is designated as an LTIP Unit and which has the rights, preferences and other privileges designated in Section 4.6 and elsewhere in this Agreement in respect of holders of LTIP Units. The allocation of LTIP Units among the Partners shall be set forth in the Partner Registry, as it may be amended or restated from time to time.

  • Deferred Stock Unit means a right granted to a Participant under Article 9 to receive Shares (or the equivalent value in cash or other property if the Committee so provides) at a future time as determined by the Committee, or as determined by the Participant within guidelines established by the Committee in the case of voluntary deferral elections.

  • Restricted Units means that number of restricted units listed in the Award Letter as “Awards Granted.”

  • DSU means the Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes contained in Annex 2 of the WTO Agreement;

  • Restricted Stock Unit Award means a right to receive shares of Common Stock which is granted pursuant to the terms and conditions of Section 6(b).

  • Stock Units means investment units under the Deferred Delivery Plan, each of which is deemed to be equivalent to one share of Stock.

  • Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement means a written agreement between the Company and a holder of a Restricted Stock Unit Award evidencing the terms and conditions of a Restricted Stock Unit Award grant. Each Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement will be subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan.

  • RSU Award or “RSU” means an Award of restricted stock units representing the right to receive an issuance of shares of Common Stock which is granted pursuant to the terms and conditions of Section 5(a).

  • Stock Unit Account means the bookkeeping account established by the Company pursuant to Section 6.4.

  • Restricted Stock Bonus means Stock granted to a Participant pursuant to Section 8.

  • Restricted Unit means a Unit granted under the Plan that is subject to a Restricted Period.

  • Stock-Based Award means any Award, denominated in Shares, made pursuant to this Plan, including Options, Stock Appreciation Rights, Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Units, Deferred Stock Units, Performance Awards or Other Stock-Based Awards.