Company RSU Award definition

Company RSU Award has the meaning set forth in Section 3.03(a)(iii).

Examples of Company RSU Award in a sentence

  • Each Company RSU Award and Company Option was granted in accordance with the terms of the Company Stock Plan and award agreements thereunder and all other applicable Laws.

  • Section ‎3.6(b) of the Company Disclosure Letter sets forth, for each Company Option and Company RSU Award, the holder, type of award, grant date, number of shares subject to such award, vesting schedule (including any acceleration provisions) and, if applicable, exercise price and expiration date.

More Definitions of Company RSU Award

Company RSU Award means an award of restricted share units granted pursuant to a Company Share Plan that is subject solely to time-based vesting conditions.
Company RSU Award means a restricted stock unit award granted pursuant to the Company Equity Plan that vests solely based on the continued employment or service of the recipient.