TWS definition

TWS means The Wood Shop Limited.
TWS. 进行交易,和通过交易平台接收电子记录与通 信联系, 对系统软件和硬件有一些要求,这些要求在盈透的网站 进行说明。由于上述要求可能发生变化,客户必须定 期 访问盈透网站,了解当前的系统要求。要想收到盈透的电子邮件,客户负责维护 一 个有效的因特网电子邮件地址和软件,以允许客户阅读、发送、接收电子邮件。 当 客户邮件地址变化时,客户必须通过这些程序立刻通知盈透,以便更改盈透网站 上 的客户邮件地址。

Examples of TWS in a sentence

  • A Member shall not have any title, rights or interest with respect to TWS, its facilities, software and the information provided by the Exchange.

  • A Member shall not, by itself or through any other persons on its behalf, publish, supply, show or make available to any other person or reprocess, retransmit, store or use the facilities of the TWS or the information provided by the TWS except with the written approval of the Exchange.

  • Each Teaching Process is followed by a TWS Standard, the Task, a Prompt, and a Rubric that defines various levels of performance on the standard.

  • Unauthorized use or / misuse of the TWS, software and other facilities provided by the Exchange.

  • This should be done either by an established policy of the company or by explicit notice, since mere signs of the existence of that internal policy are not sufficient in the Court’s view.

More Definitions of TWS

TWS. Preamble "TWS Nominees" 4.1(a)
TWS. Temporary work-seeker” means the person (which for the purposes of the Framework, means a Medical practitioner) who is Introduced by the Supplier (acting as an Employment Business) to carry out the services to the Customer on the Assignment;
TWS. “ICE” Biopack Environmental Solutions, Inc. InterCore Energy, Inc., a Nevada corporation a Delaware corporation By: /s/ Harry Pond By: /s/ James F. Groelinger Harry Pond James F. Groelinger President Chief Executive Officer Exhibit A Soft & Smooth Assets Assets
TWS. Tristar Wellness Solutions, Inc. a Nevada corporation By: /s/ Harry Pond Harry Pond, President
TWS means Target Withheld Sum PP means, in respect of a Contract Year, the aggregate of all Performance Points accrued during that Contract Year relating to:
TWS shall have the meaning set forth in the first paragraph of this Agreement.