TSX-V definition

TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange.
TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange;
TSX-V means TSX Venture Exchange.

Examples of TSX-V in a sentence

  • The Executive acknowledges that the Executive may be required by the Company to complete a TSXV form 2A (personal information) and have it notarized and delivered to the TSXV (or such other similar form as may be required by an applicable exchange).

  • The Corporation is, and will at the Closing Time be, in compliance in all material respects with the policies, rules and regulations of the TSX-V existing on the date hereof.

  • MDCX is a clinical stage holding company trading on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXV).

  • The Corporation will have made or obtained, as applicable, using commercially reasonable best efforts at or prior to the Closing Time, all consents, approvals, permits, authorizations or filings as may be required by the Corporation under Securities Laws necessary for the consummation of the transactions contemplated herein, other than customary post-closing filings required to be submitted within the applicable time frame pursuant to Securities Laws and the rules of the TSX-V.

  • Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to the following: the failure of the parties to successfully negotiate a definitive purchase agreement for the Proposed Transaction, the failure to obtain all the required regulatory requirements and approvals including the approval of the TSXV and adverse changes in general economic conditions.

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TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange. Schedule B CONDITIONS OF THE BID Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Offer and in addition to (and not in limitation of) the Offeror’s right to withdraw, extend, vary or change the Offer at any time prior to the Expiry Time, in their sole discretion, the Offeror may, in its sole discretion, withdraw the Offer and not take up and pay for any Shares deposited under the Offer, extend the period of time during which the Offer is open and postpone taking up and paying for any Shares deposited under the Offer or vary or change the terms or conditions of the Offer, if any of the following conditions are not, in the Offeror’s judgment, satisfied or waived by the Offeror at or prior to the Expiry Time:
TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange (otherwise known as the Canadian Venture Exchange Inc.);
TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange or any successor stock exchange thereof.
TSX-V means the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange or any successor thereto.
TSX-V means TSX Venture Exchange Inc.; and
TSX-V means the TSX-Venture Exchange. (ooo)
TSX-V means the TSX Venture Exchange.Resources/Reserves Definitions