NNM definition

NNM means the distinct tier of The Nasdaq Stock Market referred to as the Nasdaq National Market.

Examples of NNM in a sentence

  • All users of McCurdy Schools of NNM computer systems will adhere to the following guidelines.

  • McCurdy Schools of NNM technology equipment is not to be used for personal communication or pleasure; this includes listening to internet/on-line radio due to the impact it has on broadband capability.

  • FYF Profit After Tax vs Bud (€m) Core PB & Institutional AuM : market effect vs budget (%) Core PB & Institutional AuM : NNM vs budget (%) Core PB AuM :RoA margin vs budget (%) Board Strategic Committee in charge of a.o. reviewing the multiyear strategic plan and deviation from it, of approving strategic decision (partnerships, extension/stop of activities …) AMC actively monitors the Bank’s financial performance with key KPIs, make strategic proposals to the Board.

  • Private land of 0.2 hectares will be acquired for the NNM Road improvement, and about 6,500 sq.m of private and public structures will be relocated.

  • Increasing physical infrastructure, including connectivity, is a GoN priority set out in the 14th Periodic Plan (2017-19), which specifically includes the proposed improvements to NNM and KDP roads, and these are envisaged to be continued in the 15th Periodic Plan.

More Definitions of NNM

NNM means the National Market System of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., or any successor national automated interdealer quotation system.
NNM means The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
NNM has the mxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx Xxxxxxx 00.0(x).
NNM has the meaning set forth in Section 11.5(v).