Transfer Notice definition

Transfer Notice means the notice of a proposed transfer of Shares described in Section 8.
Transfer Notice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.2.
Transfer Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2(a).

Examples of Transfer Notice in a sentence

If the whole of the Shares offered as set out above have been agreed to be purchased or if less than the whole of such Shares have been agreed to be purchased and the Transferor has failed to give a notice pursuant to Clause 32(h) revoking the Transfer Notice, the members who have accepted the offer are bound to purchase the Shares accepted by them and the Transferor is bound upon payment of the Prescribed Price per Share to transfer those Shares to such members respectively.

Any change in the Effective Control of any member is deemed to be the giving of a Transfer Notice by that member to the Company upon the day upon which such change comes to the attention of the Board and the Prescribed Price in respect of such Shares is the value of the Shares as determined by the Board, the decision of which is conclusive.

If the offer of Shares made pursuant to Clause 32(e) does not result in the members or some or one of them agreeing to purchase all the Shares mentioned in the Transfer Notice the Transferor may at any time within four months after receiving the notice referred to in Clause 32(g) transfer those Shares which the members have not agreed to purchase to any person on a bona fide cash sale of such Shares at any price not less than the Prescribed Price.

As soon as possible and no later than 21 days after receiving a Transfer Notice the Company must offer the shares referred to in the Transfer Notice for sale to the members (other than the Transferor) at the Prescribed Price pro rata to their then respective shareholdings.

The Transfer Notice must state the price per Share (“the Prescribed Price”) which the Transferor is willing to accept for the Shares and that the Transfer Notice constitutes the Company as the Transferor's agent for the sale of all or (subject to this Clause) any of the Shares at the Prescribed Price.

More Definitions of Transfer Notice

Transfer Notice means a notice substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto.
Transfer Notice means the notice of a proposed transfer of Purchased Shares described in Section 3.
Transfer Notice means the notice substantially in the form set out in Appendix B.
Transfer Notice means the notice substantially in the form set out in Part II of Schedule B;
Transfer Notice has the meaning given such term in Section 5.2(b).
Transfer Notice means any notice of a deposit or withdrawal made pursuant to clause 3 or clause 4 of this Agreement;
Transfer Notice. A notice in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F, notifying the Servicer of a Reconstitution, identifying the related Mortgage Loans and specifying certain terms applicable to such Reconstitution.