Tranches definition

Tranches shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.1.
Tranches means Adjusted Base Rate Tranches or Eurodollar Tranches or any combination thereof.
Tranches means all Covered Bonds which are identical in all respects (including as to listing), and shall, where the context so requires, be deemed to refer to a Series of N Covered Bonds, provided that for greater certainty, N Covered Bonds are only issueable in Series;

Examples of Tranches in a sentence

  • Tranches of SIs may be ordered by the Bridge Manager from time to time, for example Post- Tensioning Special Inspections (PTSIs).

  • Item 33 – 10 Year Investment Plan – Secure External Funding for Tranches 5-8 Members of the Board had attended an Away Day on 12 October to formulate the strategy for future investment requirements, the outcome of which was reported on later in the meeting (minute 76 refers).

  • The Programme Dealer Agreement shall, in relation to the Programme with effect from the date hereof and in relation to any Tranche or Series of Notes issued by the Issuer on or after the date hereof stand amended in the form attached hereto but, in relation to the Programme and any Tranches issued prior to the date hereof such amendments shall not be applicable thereto.

  • The fair value of the employee share option plan has been measured for Tranches 1 and 2 using a Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Officials are investigating the required regulatory framework for Tranches 2 and 3 of the THDS to ensure more enduring legislation is in place for the development and implementation of a fully digital arrival card from 2023.

More Definitions of Tranches

Tranches means any or all of them;
Tranches means collectively the 7-year Tranche and the 10-year Tranche.
Tranches means together Tranche A and Tranche B (each a “Tranche”).
Tranches means, collectively, the U.S. Tranche, the Euro Tranche, the Yen Tranche and each Supplemental Tranche; and “Tranche” means any of the Tranches.
Tranches means Tranche 1, Tranche 2 and Tranche 3, and "Tranche" means any of them.
Tranches means each of the Tranche A Advances, Tranche B Advances and the Tranche C Advances.
Tranches means Tranche A, Tranche B, Tranche C, Tranche D, Tranche E, Tranche F, Tranche G, Tranche H and Tranche I, and "Tranche" means any one of them.