Extended Loans definition

Extended Loans has the meaning specified in Section 2.19(a).
Extended Loans means, collectively, Extended Revolving Loans and Extended Term Loans.
Extended Loans as defined in subsection 2.7(a).

Examples of Extended Loans in a sentence

  • Each Borrowing of Extended Loans under this Agreement shall be granted by the Lenders of the relevant Extension Series thereof pro rata on the basis of their then-applicable Extended Commitments for the applicable Extension Series.

  • No Lender shall have any obligation to agree to have any of its Loans or Commitments of any Existing Class converted into Extended Loans or Extended Commitments pursuant to any Extension Request.

More Definitions of Extended Loans

Extended Loans has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.22(1).
Extended Loans means any Loans made pursuant to the Extended Commitments.
Extended Loans means Loans or Borrowings of any Extending Lender maturing on the Extended Final Maturity Date.
Extended Loans as defined in Section 4.18(a).
Extended Loans means Extended Term Loans and/or Extended Revolving Credit Loans, as the context may require.
Extended Loans means, with respect to a Class of Loans, all or the portion of such Class of Loans extended pursuant to Section 2.17, as applicable.
Extended Loans as defined in the ABL Credit Agreement.