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To participate means ‘to share with another or others’. So ‘participation’ is the process of sharing in an action or event, or the action of having or forming part of something (OED Online, 1989).
To participate means to be part of the described activity in any capacity, including but not limited to serv- ing as the principal investigator, co-investigator, study designer, research collaborator, provider of direct patient care, or author on a publication of the research study. The term is not intended to apply to individuals who provide primarily technical support or who are purely advisory, with no direct access to the data (e.g., control over its col- lection or analysis), unless they are in a position to influ- ence the study’s results or have privileged information

Examples of To participate in a sentence

To participate as a skilled nursing facility in the Medicare program or as a nursing facility in the Medicaid program, a provider must be in substantial compliance with each of the requirements established by the Secretary of Health and Human Services found in 42 CFR part 483, Subpart B.

To participate in the City’s Quotation process for the procurement of goods and/or services, vendors are advised to get accredited and registered on the City’s Supplier Database.

To participate in the Plan for a particular offering period, the Eligible Employee must complete the enrollment forms prescribed by the Plan Administrator (including a stock purchase agreement and a payroll deduction authorization) and file such forms with the Plan Administrator (or its designate) on or before his or her scheduled Entry Date.

Thermal measurements from a typical hyperther- mia treatment are illustrated in Fig.

To participate in non-governmental organizations and associations concerned with the public and political life of the country.

To participate, small businesses must be certified by an agency or organization whose certification is recognized by HCC.

To participate, a contractor must be capable of accepting the MasterCard.

To participate, a contractor must be capable of accepting MasterCard.

To participate in online bidding process, Bidders must procure a Digital Signature Certificate (Type III) as per Information Technology Act-2000 using which they can digitally sign their electronic bids.

To participate in a school event, the staff in charge of the event must take the Emergency Medical Authorization form for those students.

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To participate means: to take active part, to be involved or co-operate. However, the planning process pro- cedures that are maintained by Polish local governments usually define participation as expressing wishes and re- quests that – to a greater or lesser extent – are fulfilled dur- ing the development planning. It happens quite often, that it results in demanding attitude and becomes in contradic- tion with real participation. Improper social participation in shaping space may be sometimes an impediment while planning sensible development. It should be remembered that the problem of participation of local societies in de- velopment of cities features numerous aspects and various

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Election to Participate means an Election to Participate substantially in the form of Exhibit G hereto.
Participate means to participate in agency action or in a particular matter personally and substantially as a state, county or municipal employee, through approval, disapproval, decision, recommendation, the rendering of advice, investigation or otherwise. G.L. c. 268A, § 1(j).
Notice to Participants means a communication sent by or on behalf of BSEF to all Participants as described in Rule 310.
Participation means an interest in a Loan that is acquired indirectly by way of a participation from a selling institution.
Opportunity has the meaning set forth in Section 8.1(a).
Enroll means that the individual has been determined by the case manager to meet the eligibility requirements for the Day Support Waiver and DMHMRSAS has verified the availability of a Day Support Waiver slot for that individual, and DSS has determined the individual's Medicaid eligibility for home and community-based services.
Stake means a race that will be contested in a year subsequent to such race’s closing in which the money given by the track conducting the same is added to the money contributed by the nominators, all of which except deductions for the cost of promotion, breeders or nominators awards belongs to the winner or winners. In any event, all of the money contributed by the nominators must be paid to the winner or winners. Where a definite purse is offered, same shall be known as a guaranteed stake.
L/C Participation shall have the meaning provided in Section 3.3(a).
Interview means the verbal exchange between the child protection worker and the child for the purpose of developing information necessary to protect the child. A child protection worker is not precluded from recording visible evidence of abuse.
Inspector General means the metropolitan transporta-
Instructions to Participants of Cedel, respectively, shall be applicable to such Global Security insofar as interests therein are held by the Agent Members for Euroclear and Cedel. Account holders or participants in Euroclear and Cedel shall have no rights under this Indenture with respect to the Global Security, and the nominee of the U.S. Depositary may be treated by the Issuer and the Trustee and any agent of the Issuer or the Trustee as the owner of the Global Security for all purposes whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing herein shall prevent the Issuer, the Trustee or any agent of the Issuer or the Trustee from giving effect to any written certification, proxy or other authorization furnished by the U.S. Depositary or impair, as between the U.S. Depositary and its Agent Members, the operation of customary practices governing the exercise of the rights of a holder of any security.
Offshore Associate means an Associate (a) that is a non-resident of Australia and would not become a Lender, or does not receive a payment, in carrying on a business in Australia at or through a permanent establishment of such Associate in Australia or (b) that is a resident of Australia and would become a Lender, or does receive a payment, in carrying on a business in a country outside Australia at or through a permanent establishment of such Associate in that country, and which, in either case, would not become a Lender in the capacity of a clearing house, custodian, funds manager or responsible entity of a registered scheme, or does not receive such payment in the capacity of a clearing house, paying agent, custodian, funds manager or responsible entity of a registered scheme.
Sexual motivation means that one of the purposes for which the defendant committed the crime was for the purpose of his or her sexual gratification.
Participating county means any member county which has entered into a program offered by the Authority pursuant to Article 14 of this Agreement and has not withdrawn or been canceled therefrom pursuant to Articles 20 or 21.
Engage “Engages” and “Engaged” shall be construed accordingly;
Recruit means a person who:
success means that the Client’s claim is finally decided in his or her favour, whether by a court decision or an agreement to pay damages or in any way that results in the Client deriving a benefit from pursuing the Claim.
Telephone Toll Service is As Defined in the Act.
Director-General means the Director-General of the Department;
Adult protective services means the necessary actions taken to prevent abuse or exploi-
TIP is the Tax Indemnity Payment, before the deduction of applicable federal, state and local withholding taxes;
Objective medical evidence means reports of examinations or treatments; medical signs which are anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities that can be observed; psychiatric signs which are medically demonstrable phenomena indicating specific abnormalities of behavior, affect, thought, memory, orientation, or contact with reality; or laboratory findings which are anatomical, physiological, or psychological phenomena that can be shown by medically acceptable laboratory diagnostic techniques, including but not limited to chemical tests, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, X-rays, and psychological tests;
Audiologist means a person licensed to practice audiology by the State Board of Examiners for Speech Pathology and Audiology.
Rights Offering Participants means those Persons who duly subscribe for Rights Offering Shares in accordance with the Rights Offering Procedures.
Participation Interest means the Extension of Credit by a Lender by way of a purchase of a participation in Letters of Credit or LOC Obligations as provided in Section 2.2 or in any Loans as provided in Section 3.8.
Direct Loan Participation means a Loan in respect of which, pursuant to a participation agreement, the Issuer is capable of creating, or procuring the creation of, a contractual right in favour of a notional protection seller that provides such notional seller with recourse to the participation seller for a specified share in any payments due under the relevant Loan which are received by such participation seller, any such agreement to be entered into between (i) such notional seller and (ii) either (A) the Issuer (to the extent the Issuer was then a lender or a member of the relevant lending syndicate), or (B) a Qualifying Participation Seller (if any) (to the extent such Qualifying Participation Seller is then a lender or a member of the relevant lending syndicate);