Participate definition

Participate in an entity means (1) to be a partner, shareholder, owner, member, or employee of such entity, or (2) to provide services, agree to provide services, or offer to provide services, to a payor through such entity. This definition applies to all tenses and forms of the word “participate,” including, but not limited to, “participating,” “participated,” and “participation.”
Participate means the ability to communicate with all of the members of a public body, either verbally or electronically, so that each member of the public body can hear or observe the communication.
Participate includes any direct or indirect interest in any enterprise, whether as an officer, director, employee, partner, sole proprietor, agent, representative, independent contractor, consultant, executive, franchisor, franchisee, creditor, owner or otherwise; provided that the foregoing activities shall not include the passive ownership (i.e., Employee does not directly or indirectly participate in the business or management of the applicable entity) of less than 5% of the stock of a publicly-held corporation whose stock is traded on a national securities exchange.

Examples of Participate in a sentence

  • Participate in the training required pursuant to the provisions of N.J.S.A. 18A:37-13 et seq.

  • Participate in organization and conduct of collective bargaining conferences and member education and communication programs.

  • Participate in the update of standard operating procedures for this position and the training of a successor to the position.

  • Participate in fora and establish dialogues to further develop interaction between the forest sector and society.

  • Participate in continuing education to maintain professional competence.

More Definitions of Participate

Participate means the ability to communicate with all of the members of a public
Participate means lending one’s name to, acting as a consultant or advisor to, being retained or employed by, or acquiring any direct or indirect interest in any business or enterprise, whether as a stockholder, partner, officer, director, employee or otherwise (other than by ownership of less than five percent of the stock of a publicly-held corporation).
Participate means that, with respect to a particular
Participate means to engage in any activity or behaviour which is either directly or indirectly related or reasonably incidental to Australian Football as that term is understood under the Laws of Australian Football.
Participate means to participate in agency action or in a particular matter personally and substantially as a state, county or municipal employee, through approval, disapproval, decision, recommendation, the rendering of advice, investigation or otherwise. G.L. c. 268A, § 1(j).
Participate means to participate personally and substantially.