Master Trust definition

Master Trust means Citibank Credit Card Master Trust I.
Master Trust has the meaning specified in the Indenture.

Examples of Master Trust in a sentence

  • The Master Trust currently uses the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) as a performance comparator.

  • We performed 145 control tests at five units initially selected to include: Clerk Cash (four tests), Office Cash (four tests), Accountability Counts (five tests), Stamp Stock (five tests), Local Expenses (two tests), Refunds (two tests), Miscellaneous Expenses (two tests), Employee Items (two tests), Master Trust (two tests), and POS Roles (one test).

  • We hereby notify you that the description of the investment objective and strategy of the Master Trust is being updated to reflect that the Master Trust targets outperformance of the KOSPI.

  • From 20% to less than 30%Foreign Shareholding Ratio [Status of Major Shareholders] <Updated>Name/Company NameNumber of Shares OwnedPercentage (%)Nippon Life Insurance Company3,427,2245.47The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd.

  • Trust AgreementsEach Fund was established pursuant to a Supplemental Trust Agreement dated October 1, 2021, which incorporates the Master Trust Agreement.

More Definitions of Master Trust

Master Trust means Verizon DPPA Master Trust, a Delaware statutory trust, created and existing pursuant to the Master Trust Agreement.
Master Trust the Bunge Master Trust created by the Pooling Agreement.
Master Trust is defined in the Indenture.
Master Trust means a master trust or other securitization special purpose entity for which the Transferor or an Affiliate of the Transferor acts as transferor or seller or servicer, established pursuant to a Pooling and Servicing Agreement.