Definition of Three-Month Anniversary

Three-Month Anniversary means the three-month anniversary of the Closing DateCoaLogix, Inc., Acorn and the other stockholders of CoaLogix, Inc. have entered into the SPA. CoaLogix, Inc., Acorn and the Secondee are parties to the Prior Employment Agreement, which will be amended and restated as of the date hereof, and to the Prior Services Agreement, providing for the secondment of the Secondee to Acorn. In connection with the Acquisition and the entry into of the Amended and Restated Employment Agreement, the Company, Acorn and the Secondee desire to amend and restate the Prior Services Agreement in this letter, which will set out the terms that have been agreed among Acorn, the Company and the Secondee concerning the continued secondment of the Secondee to Acorn for a period of time following the Acquisition. This letter is the "Amended and Restated Services Agreement" referenced in the Amended and Restated Employment Agreement.We are pleased to confirm our agreement to continue, following the Closing Date, the Secondee's secondment at Acorn providing services as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary with responsibilities, duties and authority customary for such position, subject to direction by the board of directors of Acorn and the Chief Executive Officer of Acorn. Unless sooner terminated, the secondment will terminate on the Three-Month Anniversary.

Examples of Three-Month Anniversary in a sentence

If Acorn terminates the Secondment Period prior to the Three-Month Anniversary, it will be required to continue to pay Coalogix the compensation costs and expenses specified in Section 4, including the cash monthly payments for each month through the Three-Month Anniversary, in each case at the times specified therein.
The Secondment Period will terminate on the Three-Month Anniversary; provided that Acorn may terminate the Secondment Period on any earlier date by giving not less than thirty days advance notice in writing to Coalogix at any time.