Third-Party Custodian definition

Third-Party Custodian means an agency or person other than a parent who:
Third-Party Custodian means any third party to whom the named insured entrusts protected information.
Third-Party Custodian means a securities institution which, at the request of the Bank or other third-party custodian, holds securities in safekeeping on custody accounts on behalf of clients;

Examples of Third-Party Custodian in a sentence

In connection therewith, and subject to having received said Third Party Custodian Authorization, State Street may instruct The Bank of New York or JPMorgan Chase Bank to establish and maintain a Borrower's account and a State Street account wherein all Collateral, including cash, shall be maintained by such bank (as applicable) in accordance with the terms of a form of custodial arrangement which shall also be consistent with the terms hereof.

Each Fund hereby authorizes State Street (or subject to the prior receipt by State Street from the Funds of the Third Party Custodian Authorization, The Bank of New York or JPMorgan Chase Bank as described in Section 2 above) to receive and to hold, on the Fund's behalf, Collateral from Borrowers to secure the obligations of Borrowers with respect to any Loan of Available Securities made on behalf of the Fund pursuant to the Securities Loan Agreements.

Any uninvested moneys contributed by a Participant or resulting from the liquidation of a Permitted Investment or otherwise included in any Participant Balance and constituting a “public deposit” as that term is defined in Section 10 of the GML, shall be secured by eligible securities or other collateral pursuant to the terms of the Third Party Custodian Agreement.

Each LFM shall choose and open an account with the SSS accredited depository bank to act as Third Party Custodian (TPC).

Third Party Custodian (TPC) refers to a depository bank accredited by the SSS which acts as a transfer or disbursing agent to hold the funds and securities of SSS.

More Definitions of Third-Party Custodian

Third-Party Custodian means a firm other than us which is appointed to provide custody services in relation to your Portfolio.
Third-Party Custodian means a non-parent who is seeking custody of a child in a divorce (“dissolution”) case or a paternity case.
Third-Party Custodian has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.02.
Third-Party Custodian means any custodian selected by a Fund other than State Street or State Street Affiliate which holds for safekeeping a Fund’s Available Securities.
Third-Party Custodian means The Chase Manhattan Bank (and its successors and permitted assigns) as custodian under the Third-Party Custody Agreement.
Third-Party Custodian shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the DLJMC Security Agreements.
Third-Party Custodian means the credit institution or other firm , which is appointed to provide custody services in relation to your Portfolio including one of our Associates.