the Trust definition

the Trust means the Trust hereby established and which shall be called the Law Society Public Purposes Trust Fund;
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the Trust means the Severn Rivers Trust.

Examples of the Trust in a sentence

  • If none, does the Trust envisage a procurement and if so, when?b.

  • The request wil be assessed and then may be forwarded to an individual with responsibility for the type of information requested.5.2. The first stage in responding is to determine whether the Trust “holds” the information requested.

  • Some requests will require the Trust to take information from different sources and manipulate it in some way.

  • As this right is limited to situations where the Trust is processing the information on the basis of consent or performance of a contract, the situations in which this right can be exercised will be quite limited.

  • Very occasionally it may be possible to netiher confirm nor deny whether information is held by the Trust.

More Definitions of the Trust

the Trust means the Hambleton and Richmondshire Primary Care Trust established by article 2 of this Order.
the Trust means the English NHS trust in question.
the Trust. Not applicable.
the Trust means Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust;
the Trust. Administrator shall have no duty hereunder with respect to any complaint, claim, demand, notice or other document it may receive or which may be alleged to have been delivered to or served upon it by the parties as a consequence of the assignment of any Mortgage Loan hereunder; provided, however, that the Trust Administrator shall use its best efforts to remit to the Master Servicer or the Servicer upon receipt of any such complaint, claim, demand, notice or other document (i) which is delivered to the Corporate Trust Office of the Trust Administrator, (ii) of which a Responsible Officer has actual knowledge, and (iii) which contains information sufficient to permit the Trust Administrator to make a determination that the real property to which such document relates is a Mortgaged Property.
the Trust means the Public Entity’s Investment Trust established for the pre-funding of its OPEB liabilities and maintained in compliance with GASB Statement No. 43 & No. 45, the California Constitution and the California Government Code with a governing Retirement Board of Authority consisting of officials of the Public Entity.
the Trust means Wimborne Academy Trust.