the Trust definition

the Trust means the Trust hereby established and which shall be called the Law Society Public Purposes Trust Fund;
the Trust means the English NHS trust in question.
the Trust means the Severn Rivers Trust.

Examples of the Trust in a sentence

  • The Trust Fund shall be exempt from taxation and execution, attachment, garnishment, or any other process.

  • The Trust Advisory Committee shall review the fee schedule annually and make recommendations to the Trustee for revisions.

  • The Trust shall, upon application of any Participating Political Subdivision, redeem from such Participating Political Subdivision allocated shares for an amount per share equivalent to the proportional interest in the net assets of the Trust at the time of the redemption.

  • The Trust Advisory Committee may review the fees comprising the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Charges and make recommendations to the Settlor for revisions.

  • The Trust Fund may be terminated in its entirety when all participation interests of all Participating Political Subdivisions have been terminated in their entirety.

More Definitions of the Trust

the Trust means Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust;
the Trust. Not applicable.
the Trust. : means the Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
the Trust means the Chelmsford Primary Care Trust established by article 2 of this Order.
the Trust means Ormiston Academies Trust, a company limited by guarantee having registered number 06982127
the Trust. Administrator shall have no duty hereunder with respect to any complaint, claim, demand, notice or other document it may receive or which may be alleged to have been delivered to or served upon it by the parties as a consequence of the assignment of any Mortgage Loan hereunder; provided, however, that the Trust Administrator shall use its best efforts to remit to the Master Servicer or the Servicer upon receipt of any such complaint, claim, demand, notice or other document (i) which is delivered to the Corporate Trust Office of the Trust Administrator, (ii) of which a Responsible Officer has actual knowledge, and (iii) which contains information sufficient to permit the Trust Administrator to make a determination that the real property to which such document relates is a Mortgaged Property.
the Trust has filed a Certificate of Trust with the Secretary of State of The State of Delaware. The Company acknowledges that the obligations of or arising out of the Trust's Declaration of Trust are not binding upon any of the Trust's Trustees, officers, employees, agents or shareholders individually, but are binding solely upon the assets and property of the Trust in accordance with its proportionate interest hereunder. The Company further acknowledges that the assets and liabilities of each Fund are separate and distinct and that the obligations of or arising out of this instrument are binding solely upon the assets or property of the Fund on whose behalf the Trust has executed this instrument. The Company also agrees that the obligations of each Fund hereunder shall be several and not joint, in accordance with its proportionate interest hereunder, and the Company agrees not to proceed against any Fund for the obligations of another Fund.