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Office of the Trust Administrator. The office of the Trust Administrator for purposes of receipt of notices and demands is the Corporate Trust Office.
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Office of the Trust Administrator. As set forth in Section 10.11 of the Standard Terms.

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  • Office of the Trustee The office of the Trustee for purposes of receipt of notices and demands is the Corporate Trust Office.

  • Successor Trust Administrator Any successor trust administrator appointed as provided in Section 10.07 hereof shall execute, acknowledge and deliver to the Depositor and to its predecessor trust administrator an instrument accepting such appointment hereunder and thereupon the resignation or removal of the predecessor trust administrator shall become effective and such successor trust administrator, without any further act, deed or conveyance, shall become fully vested with all the rights, powers, duties and obligations of its predecessor hereunder, with the like effect as if originally named as trust administrator herein. The Depositor, upon receipt of all amounts due it hereunder, and the predecessor trust administrator shall execute and deliver such instruments and do such other things as may reasonably be required for more fully and certainly vesting and confirming in the successor trust administrator all such rights, powers, duties, and obligations. No successor trust administrator shall accept appointment as provided in this Section 10.08 unless at the time of such acceptance such successor trust administrator shall be eligible under the provisions of Section 10.06 hereof and its acceptance shall not adversely affect the then current rating of the Certificates. Upon acceptance of appointment by a successor trust administrator as provided in this Section 10.08, the Depositor shall mail notice of the succession of such trust administrator hereunder to all Holders of Certificates at their addresses as shown in the Certificate Register. If the Depositor fails to mail such notice within ten days after acceptance of appointment by the successor trust administrator, the successor trust administrator shall cause such notice to be mailed at the expense of the Depositor.

  • Appointment of Co-Trust Administrator or Separate Trust Administrator Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Agreement, at any time, for the purpose of meeting any legal requirements of any jurisdiction in which any part of the Trust Fund or property securing any Mortgage Note may at the time be located, the Master Servicer and the Trust Administrator acting jointly shall have the power and shall execute and deliver all instruments to appoint one or more Persons approved by the Trust Administrator to act as co-trust administrator or co-trust administrators jointly with the Trust Administrator, or separate trust administrator or separate trust administrators, of all or any part of the Trust Fund, and to vest in such Person or Persons, in such capacity and for the benefit of the applicable Certificateholders, such title to the Trust Fund, or any part thereof, and, subject to the other provisions of this Section 10.10, such powers, duties, obligations, rights and trusts as the Master Servicer and the Trust Administrator may consider necessary or desirable. If the Master Servicer shall not have joined in such appointment within fifteen days after the receipt by it of a request to do so, or in the case an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing, the Trust Administrator alone shall have the power to make such appointment. No co-trust administrator or separate trust administrator hereunder shall be required to meet the terms of eligibility as a successor trust administrator under Section 10.06 and no notice to Certificateholders of the appointment of any co-trust administrator or separate trust administrator shall be required under Section 10.08. Every separate trust administrator and co-trust administrator shall, to the extent permitted by law, be appointed and act subject to the following provisions and conditions:

  • Grantor Trust Administration (a) The Tax Administrator shall treat the Grantor Trust Pool, for tax return preparation purposes, as a Grantor Trust under the Code. The Tax Administrator shall also perform on behalf of the Grantor Trust Pool all reporting and other tax compliance duties that are the responsibility of such Grantor Trust Pool under the Code or any compliance guidance issued by the IRS or any state or local taxing authorities. The expenses of preparing and filing such returns shall be borne by the Tax Administrator.

  • Trust Administration The Adviser shall give the Trust the benefit of its best judgment, efforts and facilities in rendering its services. The Adviser shall at all times conform to: (i) all applicable provisions of the Act and any rules and regulations adopted thereunder; (ii) the provisions of the Registration Statement of the Trust under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Act as amended from time to time; (iii) the provisions of the Agreement and Declaration of Trust and the By-Laws of the Trust; and (iv) any other applicable provisions of state and federal law. Subject to the direction and control of the Trust, the Adviser shall supervise the Fund’s business affairs. In addition, to the extent not otherwise provided by other parties under agreements with the Trust, the Adviser shall supply: (i) non-investment related statistical and research data; (ii) the services of a Chief Compliance Officer for the Trust with respect to the Fund and (iii) executive and administrative services. The Adviser shall also assist with and/or supervise the preparation by the Trust’s administrator, transfer agent, and/or auditors of: (i) tax returns; (ii) reports to shareholders of the Fund; (iii) reports to, and filings with, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state securities commissions and Blue Sky authorities including preliminary and definitive proxy materials and post-effective amendments to the Trust’s registration statement; and (iv) necessary materials for meetings of the Trust’s Board of Trustees. The Adviser shall provide personnel to serve as officers of the Trust if so elected by the Board of Trustees. Executive and administrative services include, but are not limited to, the coordination of all third parties furnishing services to the Fund, review of the books and records of the Fund maintained by such third parties, and the review and submission to the officers of the Fund for their approval, of invoices or other requests for payment of Fund expenses; and such other action with respect to the Fund as may be necessary in the opinion of the Adviser to perform its duties hereunder.

  • Duties of Trust Administrator The Trust Administrator, prior to the occurrence of an Event of Default of which a Responsible Officer of the Trust Administrator shall have actual knowledge and after the curing or waiver of all Events of Default that may have occurred, undertakes with respect to the Trust Fund to perform such duties and only such duties as are specifically set forth in this Agreement. In case an Event of Default of which a Responsible Officer of the Trust Administrator shall have actual knowledge has occurred and remains uncured, the Trust Administrator shall exercise such of the rights and powers vested in it by this Agreement, and use the same degree of care and skill in their exercise, as a prudent person would exercise or use under the circumstances in the conduct of such person’s own affairs. Any permissive right of the Trust Administrator set forth in this Agreement shall not be construed as a duty. The Trust Administrator, upon receipt of all resolutions, certificates, statements, opinions, reports, documents, orders or other instruments furnished to the Trust Administrator that are specifically required to be furnished pursuant to any provision of this Agreement shall examine them to determine whether they conform to the requirements of this Agreement. The Trust Administrator shall have no duty to recompute, recalculate or verify the accuracy of any resolution, certificate, statement, opinion, report, document, order or other instrument so furnished to the Trust Administrator. If any such instrument is found not to conform in any material respect to the requirements of this Agreement, the Trust Administrator shall notify the Certificateholders of such instrument in the event that the Trust Administrator, after so requesting, does not receive a satisfactorily corrected instrument. No provision of this Agreement shall be construed to relieve the Trust Administrator from liability for its own negligent action, its own negligent failure to act or its own misconduct, its negligent failure to perform its obligations in compliance with this Agreement, or any liability which would be imposed by reason of its willful misfeasance or bad faith; provided, however, that:


  • REMIC AND GRANTOR TRUST ADMINISTRATION The provisions of this Article XII shall apply to each REMIC Pool and the Grantor Trust, as applicable.

  • Principal Office of the Trust The principal office of the Trust shall be located in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Trustee and Trust Administrator May Own Certificates Each of the Trustee and the Trust Administrator in its individual capacity or any other capacity may become the owner or pledgee of Certificates with the same rights it would have if it were not Trustee or Trust Administrator, as applicable.

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