Definition of Term A-1 Loan Notice

Term A-1 Loan Notice means a notice of (a) a Term A-1 Loan Borrowing, (b) a conversion of any portion of the Term A-1 Loan from one Type to the other, or (c) a continuation of LIBOR Rate Loans, pursuant to Section 2.02(a), which shall be substantially in the form of Exhibit A-4 or such other from as approved by the Administrative Agent (including any form on an electronic platform or electronic transmission system as shall be approved by the Administrative Agent), appropriately completed and signed by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower.

Examples of Term A-1 Loan Notice in a sentence

A new Exhibit A-4 (Form of Term A-1 Loan Notice) is hereby added to the Credit Agreement, in the form of the Exhibit attached as Annex 5 hereto.