Definition of New Term Loan Lender

New Term Loan Lender means each Lender providing a New Term Commitment.

Examples of New Term Loan Lender in a sentence

For purposes of the Credit Agreement, the initial notice address of each New Term Loan Lender shall be as set forth below its signature below.
Upon execution and delivery hereof, the Administrative Agent will record the New Term Loans made by the New Term Loan Lender in the Register.
Subject to Section 5.2(f), with respect to each such prepayment, the Borrower will, not later than the date specified in Section 5.2(a) for making such prepayment, give the Administrative Agent written notice which shall include a calculation of the amount of such prepayment to be applied to each Class of Term Loans requesting that the Administrative Agent provide notice of such prepayment to each Initial Term Loan Lender, New Term Loan Lender, or Lender of Extended Term Loans, as applicable.
For each relevant New Term Loan Lender, delivered herewith to the Administrative Agent are such forms, certificates or other evidence with respect to United States federal income tax withholding matters as such New Term Loan Lender may be required to deliver to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 5.4(d) and/or Section 5.4(e) of the Credit Agreement.
This Agreement represents a request by the Borrower to borrow New Term Loans from the New Term Loan Lender as set forth on the applicable Borrowing notice delivered by the Borrower under the Credit Agreement.