Definition of TENANTS OMC

TENANTS OMC means the OMC Sum for a calendar year included within the Term and any extension thereof, less the OMC Sum for the Base Year specified in subsection 1.J., multiplied by Tenants OMC Percentage.
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Examples of TENANTS OMC in a sentence

SUBSECTION 6.B(3) At the end of the first (lst) sentence of this TENANT'S OMC AND Subsection 6.B(3) of Lease entitled TAX CHARGE/ "Tenant's OMC and Tax Charge/Procedures" PROCEDURES insert the following: which statement shall include a copy of all tax bills for such calendar year and the allocation thereof between the Retail Portion, Office Portion and Hotel Portion of the Building as well as an itemization of the OMC Sum for such calendar year.
SUBSECTION 6.B(5) Subsection 6.B(5) of this Lease entitled TENANT'S OMC AND "Tenant's OMC and Tax Charge/Procedures" is TAX CHARGE/ hereby deleted.