Definition of Tenant Estoppel Deadline

Tenant Estoppel Deadline means 3 Business Days prior to the Closing Date.
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Examples of Tenant Estoppel Deadline in a sentence

Buyer shall have received, no less than three (3) business days prior to the Scheduled Closing Date (the "Tenant Estoppel Deadline"), executed Approved Estoppels (as defined in Section 8.7 below), with those changes reasonably acceptable to Buyer and not disclosing the existence of any default under the Leases referenced to therein, from each of the Required Tenants (the "Minimum Estoppel Threshold").
On or before ten (10) days prior to the Closing Date ("Tenant Estoppel Deadline") Seller shall deliver (at its expense) to Purchaser estoppels in the form attached as Exhibit 9.2A ("Tenant Estoppels") executed by each Existing Tenant of any of the Office Buildings, except as hereafter provided.
Seller shall use good faith, diligent efforts to cause the disapproved matters disclosed in the Nonconforming Approved Estoppel to be corrected or deleted prior to the Tenant Estoppel Deadline.