Definition of Temporary permit

Temporary permit means a permit issued to a person who has applied for a regular license, and who appears from verifiable information in the application to the executive director to be qualified and eligible therefor;
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Examples of Temporary permit in a sentence

Temporary permit for sale by drink may be issued to certain organizations, when, duration -- collection of sales taxes, notice to director of revenue.
Temporary permit; when permitted; expiration; subsequent examination required.
Temporary permit and license examination: All new applicants must pass a written license examination prior to operating as a labor contractor.
Temporary permit for dentists and dental hygienists issued in accordance with SSSS 54-152(1)(a), 54-152(2)(b) and 54-152(2)(c) of the Code of Virginia shall be at a fee of $165 and $115, respectively.
Temporary permit may be restricted in the following conditions: Application for permit.