Definition of TEM Revenue

TEM Revenue means all revenue recognized by Buyer, on a consolidated basis, from providing TEM services. TEM Revenue shall mean Buyer's gross revenues from providing managed services less its gross revenues from providing services to call accounting Customers for the relevant period, determined in accordance with GAAP.

Examples of TEM Revenue in a sentence

FROM 01/01/2011 TO 12/31/2011 TEM REVENUE FOR COMBINED COMPANY TARGET = [*] plus 100% of the annualized run rate of TEM Revenue of Buyer that is not earned by Buyer from (i) contracts and leads included within the Purchased Assets or (ii) contracts or leads introduced or sent to Buyer by Seller personnel post-Closing (the TARGET) REDUCE $300,000 CASH PAYMENT ON 12/31/2011 BY [*], REDUCTION NOT TO EXCEED $300,000.
Previous amounts not earned, if any, will be earned if the total, cumulative applicable TEM Revenue exceeds the amount of the total cumulative threshold amount.